Chapter Sixteen

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Milo wasn't sure what the boys meant by their little messenger, besides the appropriate definition for the term, but it also led him to become curious as to who they were going to introduce to him in the castle that he didn't already know. Even if they weren't friends and such, Milo practically knew people by their names if he associated with them at least once. But the twins were not giving him any answers as they dragged him along behind them, both of them appearing giddier by the second as they were apparently reaching closer to their destination. However, to pass the time, George glanced down at him.

"So, how's your training been going, Milo?" George asked him. "Did you figure it out yet? Get your form?"

At first, Milo didn't have the slightest of clues as to what George was talking about until all the thoughts came rushing back to his head at once. The Weasley twin was referring to the animagus training, it was smart not to utter that out loud. Wondering if Milo had finally been able to complete the process or was he still waiting. To be honest, the events of his training had slipped his mind because of everything taking place around him during the summer. He thought about turning into the stag, but that was with the help of Artemis, so he wasn't sure what that meant. 

Was he capable of doing it on his own or would he still have to complete the process? If he had to complete it, would he still be a stag or would he follow his patronus of a kitten?

"Um, I'll get back to you on that, George," Milo said, nearly developing a headache from just thinking about it as hard as he was. Fortunately, the two didn't seem very interested in the topic anymore as they arrived at an empty corridor, finally releasing their hold on Milo's arms. So used to be carried, for the time being, Milo wasn't expecting to be dropped so suddenly, leaving him to hit the floor. 

However, he was able to see, clear as day that the three boys weren't alone in the corridor. In fact, there was a girl sitting right across from them, a shy look emitting from her brown gaze that watched him push himself up. A smile appeared on his face as Milo always had a soft spot for shy creatures. 

The girl's hair was cut short, her brown locks reaching her chin at most, although it appeared to be quite soft as a little bit of sunlight grazed the top of her head. While she looked at Milo initially and offered a quick smile in his direction as a greeting, she quickly looked at the twins with a bit of a glare on her face. Milo recognised her, even if they weren't in the same year, she was a year above him, the same as Fred, George, Lee, and Cedric. She was a Ravenclaw student, that was much was clear, especially as she dawned her house scarf around her neck. But for the life of Milo, he could not remember the girl's name.

"What is exactly going on here?" Milo asked peering over at the twins as well. 

"Milo," Fred placed his arm around the boy's shoulder, "this is our new friend Indra Dyer, but you can call her Indy or Weathers."

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