Chapter Fourteen

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Milo hated himself with a burning passion for the rest of the day, instantly regretting the way he had spoken with Harry as he sat in Professor Snape's class. He certainly regretted the decision of showing up early to the class as well, not sure what had possessed him in that moment. Of course, Professor Snape didn't make things any better. The man was like a demonic possession, preying on the weak and vulnerable and it was unfortunate in that moment that Milo was both. Milo was tired and frustrated with everything that had taken place around him and he had, unfortunately, taken it out on Harry. He meant some of what he said, wanting Harry to actually take some initiative and be there for him, just like Milo had done for him countless times. However, the truth had all been laid out during their argument. 

Harry didn't trust Milo and not only that, he didn't even see Milo as family. It made Milo want to cry right in class because he knew it should have never come down to such a situation. He and Harry were supposed to be close, share a bond like no other, that's what their parents had wanted for them, instead, it was quite the opposite. While he was supposed to be focusing on his Draught of Peace brew with Heidi by his side, Milo couldn't concentrate on the task at hand. His mind continued to travel to the idea of him not being raised by his adopted mother, but by the Dursleys.

At least, in that scenario, he and Harry were close because they had each other to rely on. But then again, as Milo even thought about not being with Minerva, that brought him even greater pain. He loved his mother too much and over the years had formed an attachment to her that he couldn't bear to lose, even if it meant sacrificing his relationship with his little brother. If it all came down to having to sacrifice his relationship with his adoptive mother in order to have a relationship with his brother, Milo found himself unable to even think about it. He couldn't do it and it only left him feeling worse.

No, it wasn't Harry's fault and he damn well knew that. Someone must have interfered with the letters and perhaps, they wanted the Potter brothers to continue to distance themselves further for whatever reason. But why? Why was there a constant strive to have them apart? Milo's mind flashed back to what Artemis had shown them, back when he was only two and Harry a year old, right after the attack in their household.

Their parents were dead and they only had each other in that moment, all the brothers could do at the time was hold onto each other. That's what Milo wanted between them, he wanted Harry to be able to lean on him when needed and Milo wanted the ability to go to his brother when he needed to. 

As Heidi was trying to figure out why her potion wasn't turning purple, she glanced over to see how Milo was doing, only to catch sight of the boy crying over his cauldron. Several Ravenclaw and fellow Hufflepuff students glanced over in his direction as he choked back a sob, pressing his lips together to keep himself from making any further noises. Abandoning her cauldron to make her way over to where Milo was standing, Heidi ignored the cold glare coming from the Potions Master, but Snape had yet to say anything. Probably because the man was aware that anything he said in that moment would be reported back to the boy's mother.

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