Chapter Three

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Milo had an extra ticket for the Quidditch World Cup and he had no idea what to do with it because he didn't want it to go to waste. He would have offered it to Remus, but even though Milo had been home for a few days, the man had yet to return to Hogsmeade and Milo didn't know if he was going to make it in time for him to even offer his godfather the ticket. He thought about offering it to Neville so that he could go with Silas considering the two were best friends, however, Silas already had that covered as he had already invited the boy along. The seats that the Weasleys were able to get along with Sirius and his family were better than the ones Milo could provide, so he didn't expect Harry to give up his invitation with the family. 

Rosmerta and Gwen declined, claiming they couldn't take off work as much as they wanted to, leaving him conflicted as to what to do. He even contacted Heidi and Max but Max was on holiday out of the country with her family and Heidi and her family were already going. He was about to internally scream when Cedric decided to make a suggestion.

"What about Professor Sprout?" 

For a second, Milo was confused as to what Cedric was getting at as he looked over at his boyfriend. Cedric was cleaning one of the tables after the pub had closed down for the evening and Rosmerta was making sure that all patrons of the Inn were comfortable for the night. Milo was sitting at one of the tables, keeping his hands in his lap and off the table. He had already offered to help but Cedric told him to sit there, so he obliged without protest.

"You mean invite Professor Sprout to the World Cup?"

"No, Milo," he could already hear the sarcasm dripping from Cedric's tongue. "I meant for you to invite her to dance."

"Well, she is a lovely dancer, I've danced with her a couple of times before. Normally, on those nights where Mum has to escort her and Professor Flitwick home, she has claimed me as her dance partner. She's very light on her feet and graceful-"

His voice trailed off when he realised that wasn't what Cedric was aiming for when he made the suggestion. "But inviting her to the World Cup, that works!" He quickly added. 

In a way, Milo saw it as a form of playing some sort of matchmaker. Cedric had claimed that the two had been spending more time together, so maybe it was best to have them spend even more time together and do it while they could enjoy themselves. 

"Well, I guess that settles it, doesn't it?" Cedric said looking over at him. "All four tickets are accounted for. So now you don't have to pull your hair."

Suddenly, Cedric used the rag and whipped Milo's hand to get him to stop touching his hair. Milo let out a screech before giggling and placing his hands down. Finally, Rosmerta came down the stairs, her hands on her hips as she looked at the two. 

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