Chapter Sixty

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"You lift your wand and fight me!" Milo screamed at Voldemort. "You wanted to so desperately fight my brother, why won't you face me now? You speak of them being cowards, but you are the biggest coward among them."

Voldemort's red eyes already seemed to be full of rage but to have the teenager before him, taunt him and know that he couldn't do much without the protection of ancient magic work against him, he was only growing angrier to have his hands tied. 

"Fight me!" Milo yelled as he pointed his wand at the Dark Wizard but he couldn't bring himself to cast the first spell as he couldn't bring himself to stop crying. Harry's body was lying behind him on the ground and that's all he could think of. He wished it was only a boggart, the same boggart that haunted him in the maze, but there was no charm to cast to make the scene laughable. 

"Milo, lower your wand, you will not fight him this evening," Artemis told him. "This is not the evening for a battle-"

"Back off!" Milo snapped at the goddess, not wanting her anywhere near him in that moment. He was furious with everyone around him except for Harry. He didn't understand what was going on, Harry wasn't supposed to die. He just wasn't.

"Kill the boy!" Voldemort ordered. "Or I will kill you myself and believe me, it will not be quick and painless!

With the threat looming over the Death Eaters' head, they all started moving to raise their wands and fight Milo. However, before they could even move, the area suddenly became extremely cold, much colder than before. Everyone seemed to become confused by the sudden and drastic temperature drop, but as Milo looked directly ahead and behind the Death Eaters, he could see Dementors closing in on the scene. Everyone seemed to follow his gaze and as they turned around, Milo's facial features softened drastically as he saw Elspeth standing behind the Death Eaters.

"Aunt El!" Milo called out to her. She didn't look over in his direction right away as she seemed to be unleashing and directing the dementors to attack the Death Eaters, immediately, they began to flee, leaving Voldemort to yell after them to come back. But they didn't wish to be captured to suffer the kiss of a dementor and Voldemort seemed to realise why they were fleeing, even in the presence of one Auror. She had full control of the dementors and now she was turning her gaze on him. 

Within seconds, the Dark Wizard fled the scene before Elspeth could react, leaving her and Milo standing in the clearing with the dementors and Artemis in their company. Immediately, she grabbed the dementors' by their cloaks and they vanished into the shadows before she looked across the way.

"Milo! Harry!"

Instantly, she ran over and nearly knocked Milo over into a hug and while the two were relieved to see each other, she stopped as soon as she saw Harry on the ground.

"HARRY!? WHAT HAPPENED?!" Her arms dropped from the hug as she quickly lowered herself to kneel down at Harry's side. "HARRY?!"

"Voldemort got him," Milo whispered to her as he collapsed right next to her. "He got him with the Killing Curse. It's all my fault, Aunt El. I told him to get away, I told him to leave but he...he..."

He started to cry again before Elspeth pulled him right back into her, staring down at her godson that remained lifeless. One of her hands reached out to touch the side of Harry's face, feeling how cold he was before she reached under his frames to close his eyes over. 

"It's not your fault, Milo," she told Milo as they both continued to cry. "It's not-"

"Yes, it is, I was told not to interfere! Look what I've done! Look at what I did! Harry's dead and it's all my fault! I just wanted to keep him safe, I just wanted him to be happy and look what I've done. I killed him, Aunt El. He's dead because of me."

"No, he's dead because of Voldemort, Milo. You didn't do this...and you were right about so much. We should have listened to you sooner. Especially when it came to Moody, you were right. Don't blame yourself, you were right."

If Elspeth held Milo any tighter in that moment, she was going to end up squeezing the life out of him, but they both came to stop as they heard movement around them. They assumed that it was a possible Death Eater returning or Voldemort, but instead, they witnessed that they were surrounded by the Gods and Goddesses in the clearing. 

"Now you all show up! It's too late!" Milo screamed at them. "You're all too late! He's late!"

"Milo Potter, stop-" Artemis attempted to stop him but the boy pushed himself up from his godmother's arms.

"Shut up! Just shut up! All I ever wanted was to share a relationship with my brother, but you wouldn't let us! I had to keep all these secrets from him, Harry wasn't allowed to be protected and what was the point of it all? He's cleansed?! SO WHAT?! WHAT GOOD DOES THAT DO FOR HIM NOW?!"

"Harry Potter walks in the Elysian Fields," Hades said stepping forward, " he has joined hands with his mother to walk the fields."

Milo fell silent for a few moments, looking completely confused. "I don't understand, what does that mean?"

"The Elysian Fields is where those can go if the Gods permit it, it is where one can live out the days they've dreamed of," Elspeth told him. "A land for heroes where they are untouched by sorrows."

Elspeth peered over in the direction of Hades, she seemed puzzled about something as well. "You said he has joined hands with his mother, but what of his father?"

All the gods and goddesses in the clearing looked beyond them, bringing Milo and Elspeth to turn their heads as well. They turned just in time to see Harry's body moving, his eyes were fluttering open, and the boy was attempting to push himself up to sit. 

"Harry?!" Milo cried out, but Elspeth's hands held Milo by the shoulders firmly as she shook her head.

"No, Milo, that's not Harry."

Harry's head turned to the side, looking directly at them, everything had fallen quiet as his eyes scanned back and forth over them. Milo couldn't tell if it was the poor lighting but his brother's eyes didn't appear green anymore, but hazel. 

"Milo," Harry spoke softly, " Milo, my boy...look at you."

Milo's breath hitched in his throat and his whole body became as still as stone for several seconds as he stared at the boy sitting across from him, who wore a crooked grin.


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