Chapter Eighteen

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Cedric just stared at his boyfriend for a few moments of passing silence, his hands were pressed against his mouth as he tried to assess the situation at hand. It was hard to concentrate on how he was supposed to respond as Milo's grin was awfully distracting. The boy looked far too proud of himself, but no matter how cute he looked in that moment, Cedric could not ignore the mooncalf that was resting in the boy's lap. Mainly because the mooncalf wouldn't stop staring at him. There was one other person who didn't look very thrilled about the new companion added to the mix and that was Paden. The bowtruckle looked awfully disappointed with his owner, glaring in the direction of the other creature. 

"Milo..." Cedric started off with a soft tone, but he still didn't know what to say. He remembered that Milo had discussed getting a mooncalf multiple times for Remus, as a companion on the nights of the full moon. There was no doubt in his mind that Milo could pull it off, but he actually didn't think that he was going to act on it so soon. "What...what are you going to be doing with a the dorms?"

"Raising it, of course," Milo said flipping the creature onto its back, exposing the webbed feet in the air. The mooncalf squealed and moved about as Milo tickled its little pot-belly before he held it up. "This little fellow needs all the love and care it can get. He's completely underweight, not to mention several of his teeth didn't develop, so he'll have to be on a liquid diet and-"

"Milo!" Cedric sat next to him on the bed." You're talking about raising a mooncalf in a dorm! You do realise that, don't you?"

"Of course I do, " the boy smiled. "That's why I said it. Now quit being dramatic. Aunt El and Uncle Sirius let a hippogriff in their home in Hogsmeade on the occasion that he visits, I am fairly certain that we can manage this little one. After all, he is a perfect size, look at him. He fits right in the palms of my hands."

"That's fine," Cedric replied," but do you plan on carrying this...little one...around all the time?"

"No, that's silly! Goodness, Cedric, you honestly think that I am simply doing this by winging it? Oh no, I have this all planned out. Come see, come see..."

Milo made his way over to his trunk and opened it up, allowing Cedric to peer in, only to witness a dark hole. "Here you go, friend," Milo whispered gently to the mooncalf setting him in. "Sleep well."

Within seconds the mooncalf disappeared with a little grunting noise and it fell silent. Cedric made his way over and peered inside, but he couldn't see anything. "Uh, Milo, where did he go?"

"It's a a trunk!" Milo exclaimed. "Amazing, isn't it? Oh, the benefits of magic! The endless possibilities, as long as you're willing to bend the rules."

Cedric couldn't help but smile. "And by bend the rules, you mean breaking the law?"


The two shared in a laugh before Cedric pushed Milo back onto his bed leaving Paden to inspect the trunk, trying to figure out what Milo had done to it, to create the small burrow inside.

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