Chapter Thirty-Six

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Milo had to admit, he was curious about everyone's date that would be attending the Yule Ball, as he waited near the entrance with Cedric. The more time he could get before having to dance, the better and Cedric didn't seem to mind as he stood around greeting other friends and peers. They were able to witness one of the Champions, Fleur entered with quidditch captain of the Ravenclaw team, Roger Davies. She looked beautiful as to be expected in silver-satin dress robes that complimented her complexion and figure. Roger Davies looked as though he had been floating on cloud nine as he waltzed in with her on his arm. The source of envy for many boys that evening as they looked on. 

"I've wanted to talk to her one on one so badly," Milo confessed to Cedric, " I've only met full Veela, I would love to know just how much of the traits do part-Veelas possess. If she could produce a bird-face, I would be so happy!"

Cedric chuckled with a shake of his head but before he could respond, Max entered with Matt, the two girls sporting very pretty gold-like robes that brought both boys to smile in greeting. Heidi had yet to show up and Milo realised he never confirmed if the girl was coming or not, he hadn't made it a point to ask. However, his question was answered when Heidi showed up with George Weasley as her date. 

"I...I did not expect that," Cedric admitted in a quiet whisper as the two passed waving, " I didn't even know they spoke to each other outside of the pitch and normally Heidi is threatening one of the twins, telling them to watch their backs."

"Maybe that's what George liked," Milo shrugged, "I wonder if..."

He no longer had to wonder when Fred came in and with a proud smile too as Indra had shyly taken to wrapping her arm around his. Milo grinned, glad to see that the awkwardness had passed between the two, he never got a chance to check in after Indra had run from the clearing after the soulmate announcement. She didn't look upset to be there, quite the opposite really as she glanced up at Fred and blushed. Fred seemed to share the same blush that came close to his hair colour as they greeted Milo and Cedric. 

"Okay, I have to admit," Milo said leaning into Cedric's shoulder, " I had been so nervous about the Yule Ball, but this is great. Look how happy everyone is, they all have dates and they just look happy. That makes me happy."

"Yeah, I-"

"Look!" Milo pulled on Cedric's sleeve to see Viktor Krum making his way into the Great Hall with a very pretty girl on his arm, wearing periwinkle robes and grinning from ear to ear as she made her way. "Oh, Hermione, she looks lovely. Well done, Viktor!"

Cedric snorted loudly as Viktor looked confused as Milo patted him on the back and congratulated him, but he did manage to get a 'thank you' out of the quidditch star. Ron, who had still been out in the corridor with his date looked absolutely stupefied when he recognised the girl to be Hermione. She did look quite different with her normally bushy hair sleeked back and while no one had made a comment, it seemed her teeth had been reduced in size, probably the work of Madam Pomfrey as Milo figured.  

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