Chapter Four

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While Silas and Cedric were curious about the vendors, the adults were just wanting to find their assigned tent, leaving Milo with one thing on his mind and that was wondering where Harry ended up with the Weasleys. He didn't know if they were already there or if they were coming later. He realised he probably should have sent an owl or something to confirm, but since Harry wasn't answering his letters, he wasn't sure what to make of it. The brothers had left on good terms or so Milo thought, after all, Harry had been the one to encourage Milo to travel with Newt Scamander, rather than stay behind and try and figure something out for the boy. Milo had made sure to send letters in order to stay in contact, even if he was all the way in Brazil but to not receiving any letters back was awfully discouraging.

Milo didn't want to go through any more back and forth with Harry, after everything they had been through together, it seemed like they had been through more than enough to seal a brotherly bond. If Harry was upset about something, he surely could have confided in Milo. His brother was practically willing to do anything to improve and better the relationship between the two of them.  Was Harry not willing to do the same, especially after everything they had gone through the previous year?

As they reached the tent, small on the outside but quite luxurious on the inside, Cedric turned his head to make a comment to Milo, only to see that the boy was still outside the tent looking around. He walked back over to see that Milo was picking at the skin on the top of his hands, something Cedric hadn't witnessed him do in a long time. To prevent him bringing any more scabs or scars to his skin, Cedric made sure to grab him by the hands to get him to stop. 

"Rather than picking at your skin, why don't you just tell me what's on your mind?" Cedric told him. He could see the tension in Milo's jaw before he gave a shrug and pulled his hands back, shoving them into the pockets of his trousers. He wouldn't even bring himself to look Cedric in the eye as he focused his eyes on his feet.

"It's about Harry, isn't it? Well, rather than sulking around here, we have plenty of time before the match, so why don't we go checking around the grounds and see if they're all here. It won't be hard to miss them."

Milo peered up at him for a brief moment. "You'll come with me?"

"Of course."

The two promised they would be back long before the match was set to begin as they also promised Silas that they would be back to explore the vendors. In the meantime, the boy flopped into one of the hammocks, putting his feet up and relaxing for the time that the two were going to be away.  Milo reassured his mother that he would be back, he just wanted to see if Harry had already arrived. She warned him to be careful, mainly due to the large crowds and with so many people turning up for the event, she didn't know who the boys had a chance of running into. 

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