Chapter Thirty-Four

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"You don't understand, Cedric, my mother is going to kill me. I might as well get started on digging my own grave right now because once she gets a hold of me, it's all over."

Cedric sat on the end of his bed as he sat up at Milo, who was currently clutching on the pillow's to his chest with a terrified look on his face. It had taken over an hour, paired with the promise of a lemon tart to coax Milo out of the cabinets n the kitchen. When he was finally out, Cedric decided it was best to bring him up to the dorms to get him to calm down, but now that he was no longer hiding, Milo was panicking.  With one arm wrapped around the pillow and his other hand twisted in his own hair, Milo looked on the brink of insanity.

"Milo, she's your mother, she's not going to kill you. She's the Transfiguration professor for Merlin's sake, I would think that she would be proud that you've made this far in the Animagus process."

"Perhaps that would be the case if I hadn't done it illegally!"

"Well, just do it legally then, I'm sure she could help you register," Cedric suggested attempting to be helpful, but all it did was earn him a look from Milo. "What, what did I say?"

"I don't want to wait to do it legally. That takes all the fun and excitement out of it, Cedric, honestly," the boy huffed at him before turning his head to face away. "Legally, pfft."

Finding it all too amusing that Milo had suddenly picked up a liking for the illegal matters, Cedric contained his laughter as he shrugged his shoulders. "I guess she's going to kill you then."

A small whimper escaped from the kitten-like boy before he buried himself under Cedric's covers. "I don't want to die! And to think, I only went to her so I could learn how to dance, not give myself away."

"Milo," Cedric's hand rested on one of the lumps under his blankets, hoping that it was Milo's head, " if you wanted to learn how to dance, why didn't you just come to me? I could teach you."

It was quiet for a few moments. "You know how to dance?"

"Not on a professional level by any means, but my grandmother taught me how to dance when I was younger, right before she passed away," Cedric confessed. "She told me that the best thing I could learn was to sweep a girl off their feet with some dancing. I think I can change that around to sweep you off your feet."

It was comforting to hear the sounds of Milo's giggling from under the blanket, although Cedric didn't know what Milo was laughing at considering he was attempting to be serious about the dancing matter. " Why are you laughing? What, do you have doubts about my dance moves?"

"No," Milo's answer came, "I'm laughing because you're touching my arse."

Cedric's hand jerked back before Milo pushed the covers off. "Just kidding," he said revealing his mischievous grin, " it was my head."

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