Chapter Fifty-Seven

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Harry's feet landed on solid ground but the rush and force of the impact brought him to collapse to the ground, his hand slipping from over his brother's and the cup. He rolled over onto his side, feeling the throbbing pain race up his legs from the sudden fall, wondering what the hell had just happened. There was no sound of applause and no one was rushing towards them asking if they were alright. If anything, it was completely silent, leaving Harry extremely confused as his plan didn't seem to work. He thought touching the cup would activate the win and the tournament would be over. However, the poor boy was going to wish that he listened to his older brother when Milo told him to run away. 


Harry's eyes darted over in the direction of the cup, to see Milo's body sprawled out a little ways from it. He was face down on the ground, not moving in the slightest, not even a simple twitch. Were the champions aware that the cup had been a portkey? Milo hadn't mentioned anything, but then again, Harry wouldn't really rely on that as his brother was not in a stable condition when found. Milo was in poor shape with whatever had happened to him before Harry had arrived to help him. 

Pushing himself up, Harry ignored the pain in his body to get to Milo, but as the boy stood up, he couldn't ignore the fact that the two of them were inside a graveyard. There was a dark outline of a small church in the distance as Harry walked through the tall, overgrown grass to reach where Milo was.

"Milo!" He whispered harshly. "Milo, wake up!"

Milo didn't budge in the slightest as he remained in the same position, even when Harry shook his body frantically for a response. As he glanced around, wondering if he could get Milo to the church for some possible help, Harry froze as he witnessed someone approaching their direction. He instantly crouched down, attempting to hide in the thin tall grass, but he was left confused as he saw Elspeth approaching with a smile on her face. In her arms, she was cradling something that was bundled and if Harry wasn't mistaken, it looked as though she was carrying a baby. 

"Elspeth?" Her name whispered across his lips. She turned in his direction while holding the bundle and suddenly, Harry was overwhelmed by the most excruciating pain to ever bear down on his scar. He fell to the ground abruptly, squirming in pain as he was blinded by the pain. He felt like his head was being ripped open from his scar as he remained next to his still brother. He opened his eyes that burned with tears, only to see Milo's eyes were closed, his face pale, and not even the cold air exposing any breath leaving him. 


Suddenly, Harry was dragged up to his feet to stand by Elspeth, she had placed the bundle down and pulling Harry by the arms, directed him over to a marble headstone. In her hand, she removed her wand that illuminated the name written on the headstone that brought Harry to tremble.


Harry was shoved down roughly slamming into the headstone where Elspeth took advantage of his weakened state and tied him to it with cords. The boy simply didn't understand what was taking place, left confused as he tried to focus on the pain.

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