Chapter Fifty-Nine

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Harry was rendered speechless to see his brother alive, but he knew he couldn't give Milo away. The boy didn't have his own wand and he was giving Harry back his, knowing that it would work better for him. Milo was surrounded by Death Eaters and Voldemort that all thought for the time that he was Brinley but that wouldn't last for much longer. They were going to discover that something had happened to the female Death Eater and then they would both be in trouble. The problem was without the wand and without the silver hand to cut through the cords, Milo was struggling to release Harry. He removed the cloth from Harry's mouth with no problem, but his delay was leaving the other's suspicious. 

There was a clear look of panic on Milo's face as the whispering began between the Death Eaters and finally, Milo snatched back the wand to cut the cords, leaving Harry to fall to the ground roughly. As Harry looked up, he could see the look on Milo's face that was pleading for Harry to take the wand and run, more than likely, Milo was going to cause a distraction that was going to give Harry enough time to escape. But Harry shook his head in the slightest of ways as his wand was handed to him again, he didn't want to leave Milo behind, he couldn't do such a thing.

All he could hear was Milo's pleas and cries back in the maze where the boy was telling him to run and get away. Harry looked in the direction of the Triwizard Cup, knowing that it was the portkey that could be their escape. Suddenly, Milo grabbed him by his hand and forced the wand into his palm, trying to get his point across that Harry needed to take it and run. 

"Harry," Milo's voice quivered as he looked at his little brother. " Take your wand and go! I'll hold him off!"

Milo had given himself right then and there as the Death Eaters were alert as well as Voldemort. They had been fooled by the boy momentarily to believe that it was Brinley, but now they were exposed to the truth as Milo removed the hood and turned to face the group. 

"Go, Harry," Milo said in a stern voice that Harry could only venture to head Professor McGonagall standing before him. "Get to the portkey and get back to the castle. Tell the others what happened."

Voldemort and the Death Eaters only seemed surprised by the fact that the boy had been able to outsmart Brinley in a way they hadn't figured out yet. However, Voldemort did not care for the sentiments to drag out any longer as he raised his wand and pointed at Milo.

He would kill the spare himself.

"Avada Kedavra!"


The bright green light emitted from the wand in a blast that aimed right for Milo, but as the boy prepared to take the hit, giving Harry just enough time to summon the Triwizard Cup and escape, no such thing happened. Milo knew that the Killing Curse was meant to be quick and painless, however, as his eyes remained closed, he figured there would be a bit more to it. Opening his eyes, he found himself still in the graveyard, staring down the same faces as before, leaving him confused until the body of his little brother collapsed into his arms.

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