Chapter Six

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The match wasted no time in getting underway from the time that Mostafa blew the whistle for the match to begin. It was incredibly hard to keep up with the speed at which the players performed. Ravenclaw had been known for the house with the fastest plays, however, compared to the professionals that were playing, they moved no faster than a slug on the pavement. The quaffle was tossed back and forth so many times that Milo could already feel the strain in his neck. He wasn't the only one having immense difficulty trying to keep up, only several minutes into the match, Minvera had purchased everyone in the group a pair of omnioculars so that they were able to catch plays without missing anything. 

Ludo Bagman was having immense difficulty keeping up with the current plays himself as it sounded like he could only call out the name of the Chaser who held the Quaffle before it changed hands. However, to a trained eye like Cedric, who was watching intensely, he didn't miss a single play between the Chasers. It was like he knew where the quaffle was going to go with every play and he didn't have to strain himself to look back and forth.

Milo didn't know where to look, so he decided to note the amazing creatures that had decided to show up as the mascots to the match. Of course, just as he looked down, he missed the first scoring from the Irish.

"TROY SCORES!" Bagman announced before the crowd roared with cheer and applause from those supporting the Irish. "Ten–zero to Ireland!" 

The boy clapped his hands, especially as Cedric and Minerva were jumping up and down in the stands. As he looked down the way, he could see Pomona adopt similar actions to what he was doing. She appeared just as lost as him when it came to keeping up, which brought Milo to giggle at her expression. But his attention was grabbed when the leprechauns on the sidelines lifted up into the air to form a glittering shamrock to celebrate the first goal, while the Veela sulked before where he and the rest of his group were sitting.

Milo had a tempting thought and he was sure his mother was going to scold him for it, but between her and Cedric, their eyes were glued to the quidditch players, no one paying any mind to him. He saw it as the perfect opportunity to slip away as he made his way down through the stands. Several people watched him, trying to figure out what he was doing, while a few shouted in protest, thinking that Milo was attempting to steal a closer seat.

But that wasn't the case at all as Milo leaned slightly over the railing where the Veela were sitting with sulky expressions. 

"Excuse me, Miss?" Milo cupped his hands around his mouth and called to one of the Veelas that was closest to him. "Excuse me!"

The majority of them attempted to ignore the boy, thinking he was nothing more than one of the men trying to fulfil whatever weird desires they had. However, one of them eventually did look over her shoulder, before picking herself up and walking to where the boy was leaning over the railing. Plenty of people had stopped watching the match to watch the interaction between the two. 

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