Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Cedric didn't know what to make of the scene when he found Milo being helped inside by Harry, his boyfriend drenched from head to toe and shivering violently. It was almost as if the boy had gone for a swim in the Black Lake and of course, that's what Cedric learned what actually happened. However, despite how cold he was, how blue his lips were, and how close he probably was from fading in and out of consciousness, Milo looked unbelievably pleased with himself. He had figured out the clue to the egg and while he didn't know all that entailed, he was certain it did involve mermaids. 

But the celebration of discovering the clue was going to have to wait because Milo needed warmth. Cedric thought about following through with Harry's plan of bringing Milo the Hospital Wing but then another idea came to mind. With Harry's help, he brought Milo up to the prefect's bathroom, swearing Harry not to say anything as they reached the statue.

"Pine fresh," Cedric gave the password to the prefect's bathroom and brought them inside before locking the large doors behind them. Fortunately, the statue would inform any other prefect coming to the baths that it was currently occupied by another, so Cedric knew they would have some time to spare. Leaving Milo to hang off his brother's shoulder, Cedric quickly opened the faucets allowing the warm water to quickly fill up the massive bath. 

Harry could definitely confirm that his brother was reaching a delusional state as Milo turned to him, his lips pursed as he looked like he was trying to whistle still. However, he still couldn't figure it out and it left him just blowing air right into Harry's face. 

"Ugh, how do people whistle?!" Milo seemed to be growing frustrated as he threw his head back and let out a loud groan."It shouldn't be this hard!"

"Why do you want to whistle so badly?" Harry asked, caving into his own curiosity and bringing himself to ask. Knowing his brother, it was probably going to be for something weird that he probably wouldn't understand, but more than likely, it would make for an interesting and entertaining story later on. 

"I need to master the accent of the merfolk, 'Arry!" Milo's voice was full of irritation as if Harry was supposed to know such a detail. " And I can't do that if I don't know how to whistle. Oh, I'm so ashamed of myself. Such a small detail to ruin me!"

Yeah, Harry definitely didn't know how to respond to that as he quickly returned his attention back to whatever Cedric was doing. 

"Um, Cedric, I think Milo is losing it, maybe we should bring him to Madam Pomfrey-"

"Nonsense," Cedric said before walking over. He stood behind Milo before pushing the boy right into the bath that was the side of a pool. "He'll be just fine!"

Not fully aware of the dynamics of the relationship between his brother and Cedric, Harry wasn't sure to trust the fact that Cedric knew what he was doing or be mortified that his brother had just been pushed into the water and had yet to surface. The bath itself wasn't exactly deep but Cedric had taken to adding a massive amount of bubbles into the mixture so for a few moments, Milo had vanished. 

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