Chapter Forty-Seven

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Milo sat in Defence Against the Dark Arts, trying his best to come up with a counter-spell as Professor Moody requested all of the students to come up with a productive counter-spell that perhaps could be used within a duel. He was giving them only a few moments to scan through their books, but with the limited time, everyone seemed to be flipping through the pages of their textbook in a panic. He walked around, the heavy clunking of his wooden leg caused Milo to flinch nearly every time. The boy didn't have his textbook open as he stared blankly at the table, just trying to come up with something.

Professor Moody had raised the stakes int he class, claiming that everyone had to have a different counter-spell or they would only have thirty seconds to come up with something else. It led to the frantic whispering of students confirming with one another that they didn't have the same thing. When Professor Moody made his way around to Milo and saw that the boy didn't have his textbook open, nor was he conversing with Heidi and Max, he came to stop in front of his table.

"Got something good for me, Potter?" Professor Moody asked, bringing Milo to tear away from his own racing thoughts and look up. "You'll be up first. Have to get you ready for the Third Task, don't we?"

Milo raised a brow and stared at the man, not daring to blink, even when the electric blue eye locked with his. "Do you know what the Third Task is?"

"Even if I did, Potter, do you honestly think I would be permitted to tell you, you'll have to wait like the rest of the champions. No special treatment."

It felt like Moody was attempting to take a slight jab at Milo, which irritated him greatly because from what Harry had told him, Professor Moody had been showing him a bit of special treatment all year. After all, the man had saved Harry from Snape and detention. Did he honestly think that he and Harry didn't discuss such things? Especially after Harry had foolishly given the man the map, Milo was still terribly annoyed about that, even if he did forgive Harry for it. He wanted the map back, but he wasn't sure if it was best to associate himself with it either, he knew a lot more about the map and he didn't want to give that sort of information away. 

"Trust me, Sir, if I was granted any sort of special treatment, I wouldn't be in the tournament in the first place and my brother's name wouldn't have even been an option," Milo retorted, bringing other students to pause in their discussions to look over in their direction.

"You're the one who willingly took over your brother's place in the tournament."

"We have very different definitions of willingly, Sir," Milo continued in an eerily calm voice, " seeing as I really felt I had no other choice unless I wanted to watch my little brother get placed in harm's way due to no fault of his own. And if I recall correctly, you were the one who made the suggestion."

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