Chapter Thirty

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"So it's not a dragon egg," Harry stated the obvious the next morning at breakfast as the students came to congregate after Milo had a good night's rest. His body was still incredibly sore, enough to the point where just sitting down and standing up made his legs ache. He probably never ran so fast in his entire life as he did with the close and closed encounter with the female dragon. But Milo masked his pain with a genuine smile. He was absolutely thrilled at he had been able to witness the eggs hatching and he had witnessed the first moments of the hatchlings with their mother. It was a beautiful sight, even if it was quite painful. But Milo remembered the saying "beauty in pain" or something along those lines.

"Naturally, Harry," Milo replied to his brother, "I honestly don't think real dragon eggs come with hinges."

"Although," Silas said as he leaned across the Gryffindor table, " that would be awfully convenient if they did, right?Anyways, if it has hinges, why don't you just open it?"

Apparently, it was the morning of Gryffindors Stating the Obvious, starring Silas and Harry, leaving Milo to just glance over at Cedric, who sat beside him. Of course, it was the first thing Milo had done, but he should have known that it wasn't going to be that simple. The grimace on Cedric's face, along with Milo's revealed that the results of opening the egg hadn't been a pleasant experience at all. 

"We told Angelina to open hers," Silas continued, " but she wouldn't give in. She said if she figured it out in front of all of us that the second task wouldn't be a surprise. But I'm not looking for a surprise, I just want to know what's inside."

"Silas, it's Milo's egg," Neville chimed in from where he sat, reminding his friend, " he can do what he wants with it, just like Angelina."

Silas glanced over at him, looking fully prepared to argue but instead, he let out a small sigh. "Yeah, alright," he said before plopping down on the bench, " it's your egg, Milo. Do what you will with it."

"Besides, we can't help him with any sort of clues," Neville said further, " it's against the rules."

"Rules were made for those destined to follow, not those willing to lead," Silas said crossing his arms and muttering to himself. 

Only Harry wasn't so easily convinced otherwise with some words as he asked Milo to open it to see what was inside. Milo attempted to warn him, telling his younger brother that it was nothing special, but Harry insisted. Sometimes, Milo had to realise that a lot of times, the Potter men were destined to learn the hard way. With a sigh, Milo went to open the egg and just before he did, Cedric clapped his hands over his ears.

A shrill screaming sort of sound pierced the air, startling the students in the Great Hall and caused multiple students to follow Cedric's lead of covering their ears, including everyone sitting at the Gryffindor table. Milo quickly closed it, turning red in the face as he had become the centre focus inside the hall rapidly. He glanced up at Harry, to see that his little brother looked to be in a state of shock.

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