Chapter Forty-Three

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Cedric had a hard time focusing in all his classes as he tapped his quill repeatedly against the table or desk, except for in Professor McGonagall's class because the distracted behaviour earned him a look within three seconds. However, his distracted demeanour did not go unnoticed by the woman, especially since she had heard reports from Professor Sprout that Milo had been more than distracted in her class as well. She was not one to meddle in teenage drama, however, because it involved her son and Cedric acting strangely, she wasn't sure if she had much of an option. 

Everything had seemed fine after the second task, Milo and Cedric seemed to be on good terms and Milo hadn't mentioned anything happening such as a fight or anything of the sort. So what was going on between the two that was causing both, usual studious boys, to act so strangely? Waiting until the end of class, she allowed the rest of the class to leave the room but as Cedric was preparing to leave she called him to remain behind. It warranted a series of "Oooh's" from his peers as they snickered and left him to face the professor alone. 

With his hand tucked under the strap of his bag, Cedric approached the professor's desk with a sheepish grin, hoping that he wasn't in too much trouble for his lack of an attention span during class.

"Yes, Professor?"

"You seem awfully distracted during today's lesson, Mr," she corrected herself, but it made both of them cringe to hear her address him by his first name. "Milo has requested that when it is not class time or when we are discussing personal matters that I address you by your first name so that it does not come across so formal."

Cedric couldn't help but chuckle as he shook his head slightly. "You can still call me Mr Diggory, Professor. I would actually prefer it if we're still in the castle, it just sounds weird otherwise."

"Agreed," she said with a nod, " now back to the prior matter. Is there a reason behind your distracted nature in my class today? Milo seems to have suffered from the same bug as you, it is not in my nature to pry but-"

"He's acting weird?" Cedric suddenly seemed confused but concerned at the same time. "Why would he be acting weird?"

"I said he was distrac-"

"Unless..." His eyes widened and he fell silent his fingers touching his mouth for a few seconds. "Oh..."

Minerva didn't have the slightest clue as to what was taking place but whatever it was, Cedric seemed to realise what the problem was. He was frozen in place, leaving her to feel quite awkward in his presence before she took to waving her hand in front of his face. He didn't move for quite some time and she was considering to summon Madam Pomfrey in a couple of seconds if he didn't react. 

"He must have heard me! That little bugger was still awake! Damn him!"

Cedric appeared frustrated until he remembered that his professor was still standing in front of him causing his face to turn red. "Um, I mean, your son is lovely, I just...can I go?"

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