Chapter Thirty-Five

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It was bad enough that Milo didn't feel intimidating enough knowing his animagus form but to have his mother and Artemis coo over him, it was definitely not a boost to his self-esteem. His mother had walked over from around her desk and lifted him up into her hands. He was small enough to settle in both of her palms, although getting used to his kitten form wasn't as easy as when he had transformed as a stag. Stumbling about in his mother's hands only caused the woman and the goddess standing beside her to smile even more.

This is so embarrassing, he thought to himself, my dignity is dwindling here. Put me down!

However, his demands only came out as a small squeal. His ears flattened to the top of his head in irritation as his eyes narrowed at the two. No longer wishing to be part of the fawning over him, Milo willed himself out of the form. Although it probably would have been best if he gave warning as it brought him and his mother down to the floor of her office.

He was still cradled in her arms, sitting in her lap as Artemis disappeared with a grin lingering on her face. She no longer looked upset with the idea of Milo becoming an animagus illegally. Instead, she looked incredibly pleased, perhaps even flattered. It was completely expected that he would take after his parents, but as time continued to pass on, Minerva was beginning to see that she really did have an impact on the boy. 

She had always wanted to be a mother, she had always wanted the opportunity to guide a young mind to do great things, but she never expected Milo to come into her life the way he did and while she didn't doubt herself, she never expected to have such an impact on his life either. But apparently, Milo was turning out to be more of a McGonagall more than she ever hoped and while she felt terrible for Lily and James, she couldn't help but find happiness that she had her son. 

"Mum?" Looking down, Milo was peering up at her, slightly red in the face that he was still being held in her arms like a baby or a toddler at most. "Um...I'm going to sit up now," he informed her.

Allowing him to stand, Minerva watched as Milo stood up and brushed the front of his robes off before he turned to face her. " I know I shouldn't have done it illegally," he began, "but I did it with all good intentions."

"I know you did," she told him. "That's why I'm not going to say anything for now. But when you come of age, we are going to register you properly. I will claim that I was your mentor to avoid any conflict with the Ministry, but for now, I will advise you not to abuse this, Milo. How many people are aware of you doing this?"

"Uh, well, Cedric, he knows I was working on it. Fred, George, and Lee-"

"They know?!"

He looked down to avoid the look on her face. "I actually invited them to do it with me but the process was too much for them. No one knows that I've actually become one because that was the first time I was able to transform. Artemis let me skip over the remaining steps, but they do know I was working at it. I guess I didn't need Sirius to tell me how to create the storm-"

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