Chapter Forty-Six

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Milo sat in pure disbelief at the articles laid out before him, ones that were written by Rita Skeeter that clearly had it out for him and all those that he cared about. It honestly didn't matter what the woman had to say about him but the last article that directed towards Cedric, Rita had crossed the line and Milo wasn't going to let the woman get away with it at all. Sitting with the article before, it showed a photo of a weeping Amos and Anne Diggory claiming how Milo had manipulated their son and had taken their precious Cedric away from them. At first, all the blame was placed on Rita's head because she was foul just to publish such a thing, but at the same time, Milo was furious with Anne and Amos as well.

Hadn't they put their son through enough grief? Practically disowning him and having him survive on his own, threatening him and such, yet now they were trying to pull the victim card and claim that Mil had manipulated Cedric? In what world were the two living in that they had created such a falsehood in their heads? In what world did they live in that it was alright to constantly go after teenagers as an adult and not be met with any sort of consequences? And in what world did people actually, believe this nonsense?

"Well, I heard that he gave Diggory a love potion," one girl in the corridor whispered just loud enough for Milo to heard, " the boy's poor parents. I mean, imagine just losing your son like that. I can't imagine."

"And to think, I thought they were cute together!"

Apparently, he was living in that world currently. A world painted by Rita Skeeter as she attempted to demonise Milo as best as she could because he hadn't given her what she wanted before. She claimed that he manipulated his boyfriend, was jealous of his little brother's fame so he was constantly acting out in hopes of being the centre of attention, raised improperly by McGonagall to be a self-entitled brat...what was even worse was how all of it followed up Newt's article that he published about Hagrid in his own writings. He praised Hagrid for the man's knowledge of magical creatures and claimed that very few could reach such talented levels and understandings of magical creatures. 

Rita knew she couldn't argue with the words of Newt Scamander, she would be ridiculed until the cows came home, so she decided to put all of her poisoned writing into tarnishing Milo's personal life. 

"Well, at least she left you and Linet out of it, isn't that right, Paden?" The boy asked as he sat alone in the corridor with the bowtruckle in his lap. He couldn't convince Linet to get up that morning as she wanted to remain in bed asleep and Milo couldn't find himself ever relating harder to a fairy than in that moment. All he wanted to do was hide away in bed until it was time for the third task and even then, he would probably just remain in bed and pretend nothing around him existed. 

While Milo was trying to keep a strong smile on his face, despite the whispering gossip of his peers, Paden knew the boy all too well. Slowly, he climbed up the boy's sleeve and touched the side of Milo's face. His own way of offering comfort as he chirped lightly. 

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