Chapter Forty-Eight

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With Harry darting off to the castle to get Dumbledore, Milo remained behind, looking at Crouch in the man's terrible mental state. However, Milo curiosity got the best of him as he moved to stand in front of Crouch cautiously. 

"Mr Crouch, I know you're feeling really confused right now," he began quietly, " but I need you to listen to me. You're telling me two different things, but I need you to focus on only one story and tell me. What about your son and your daughter? Your son is dead, remember-"

Before Milo could continue, the boy was cracked across the face suddenly by Crouch as the man scrambled to his feet and pushed himself away. "" Barty whimpered, " they were smart... always so smart...too much for their own good. Too much for our own good!"

"Mr Crouch, I don't know what you're talking about," Milo backed away as Crouch started walking towards him. It was hard for the boy to see anything as his glasses had been swiped off his face with the hit and not to mention, his right eye had been struck as well. It left him with one eye covered with his hand as Crouch continued to approach him.

"What have I done? I let this go too far, this is all my fault!"

"I'm sure it can all be sorted out!" Milo yelped as suddenly Crouch pointed his wand right at Milo and a shot of light emitted from it. He fell to the ground quickly before he could be hit, leaving him to cover his head with his hands. As he went for his own wand that had fallen to the ground. "You just need to calm down. We're going to get you help. Harry went to go get Dumbledore."

"Harry! Harry Potter!" Crouch said before glaring down at Milo. "You sent him away, he's needed not you!"

"And he's coming back! He'll be back with Dumbledore!"

Nothing was saying was getting through to Crouch in his delusional state, he kept muttering the name of Bertha Jenkins or muttering something about his children, but he wouldn't give any more information that would allow Milo to help him. The boy's only concern was attempting to keep safe because Crouch lowered his wand as he kept muttering several things. However, as the pain caused his eye to water, he looked away briefly to wipe it only to be struck by a spell that knocked him back. He hadn't even seen Crouch lift up his arm again to strike it, it seemed the blow had come from nowhere.

The blow had taken him by surprise and even more so, as he landed on his back, it knocked the air out of him and knocked him out. Unbeknownst to the boy until he woke up, he had been hit with the stunning spell square in the chest once to knock him down and for desperate measures to reassure that Milo was down, the boy was struck again. Two stunning spells, Milo was no match for as he just remained still in the grass and Mr Crouch took off into the night. 

He truly had no choice but to wait until Harry returned with Dumbledore as he was left in a terribly vulnerable state. 

"Milo! Milo! Are you alright?" He felt himself being assisted to sit up, only to find himself in his mother's arms, Lily Potter's arms as her green gaze stared down at him with concern. James was there with a worried look as he was crouched down before Milo as well. "Say something, sweetheart."

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