Chapter Thirty-Three

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"Amato..Animo...Animato... Animagus..." Milo recited in his head as he walked in the corridor as he adjusted the leaf in his mouth for the seventh time just that morning. Back on track to complete his animagus training, Milo wasn't going to let anything get in the way of him finishing. However, after a long break of not having the Mandrake Leaf in his mouth, he had forgotten just how difficult it all was. He was on his way to his Herbology class with Professor Sprout, feeling the cold chill of the brisk wind that caused his hair to hit him in the face as he braved it to the Herbology greenhouses. 

Since the discussion with Cedric, Milo was feeling a lot better as he turned his focus back to working with magical creatures and focusing on himself. He had to admit that it still felt weird, not checking in on everyone all the time to make sure they were okay but at the same time, it left him with little to worry about. His main focus was his animagus training, Paden, the little mooncalf and the newest addition to the illegal harbouring of creatures, the fairy that he named Linet. 

The little fairy was settling in well, adjusting to the routine of not flying everywhere and with Paden as her helping companion, she seemed comfortable. Every morning, Milo was greeted by the sounds of the little fairy's laughter as well as Paden's chirping as they attempted to get the boy out of bed. 

But with Milo's focus on other things, such as his friends and family, the golden egg had taken a back seat completely. He hadn't opened it in quite some time and he didn't even want to bother looking at it. The problem with the egg was the screaming whistling sound that emitted from it sounded so familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it and all it did was leave him frustrated. It remained inside his trunk during the day so he didn't even have to look at it, but unbeknownst to him that morning, the mooncalf had found the shiny egg quite intriguing and took it as a new toy to fumble around within its burrow.

As he hurried inside the greenhouse, he was greeted with the warmth of the new air and spotted Max and Heidi already seated. It was nice to spend more time around the girls as well. Apparently, he had been missing out on a lot as his focus had been preoccupied with a million different things. Max and Matt were dating once more and while Milo wasn't sure if that's what Max truly wanted, the friendship between the two girls seemed to be restored to the proper balance. They were talking and laughing and even sitting with them it didn't awkward as it did in the beginning of the term.

Professor Sprout greeted all of her students as they settled in for the class to get started, however, before she continued on with her lesson about Screechsnap, she claimed she had another announcement. 

"As part of the Triwizard Tournament, it is with great pleasure that I get to inform all of you about the Yule Ball," she began, a smile clear on her face as she looked at all of the young faces glancing up at her. "It is a beautiful opportunity to spend time with our guests that have been in our company and a night for fun. Fortunately, it is open to fourth years and older, so all of you are welcomed to go. Anyone wishing to invite a younger student may do so but they will be your responsibility for the evening, keep that in mind."

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