Chapter Twenty-Three

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"Absolutely not!" Minerva's voice sliced through the thick silence like a blade as she stared down Professor Moody after placing her son behind her. Milo could feel his mother's tight grip over his robes, a death grip that claimed that she wasn't going to let him do anything foolish in those moments. "That wouldn't come close to fixing the issue at hand! They are both underage!"

Her voice quivered with anger, Milo was sure she was furious with the man for even suggesting such a thing with Milo around. She knew ow her son's mind worked and she knew how dedicated he was to his brother. However, Milo replacing Harry in the competition wouldn't solve the problem as she stated. Neither one of them were seventeen and Hogwarts already had their champion. 

Speaking of which or rather the witch, poor Angelina looked more confused than ever. Standing across the way from her were two of her friends. Harry, one of her quidditch mates that she was fond of, and Milo, a friend that dated back to the time when she was in her second year. Both of the boys didn't look like they wanted anything to do with the tournament, yet everyone seemed to wrapped up in the idea of just how Harry's name got into the goblet. She could easily read every thought that crossed Milo's mind in that moment because she knew the boy all too well. 

She remembered Milo aboard the Hogwarts Express, how excited he had been to meet his brother and spend time with Harry. How desperate he had been in order to get his family back to where he wanted it to be. Now with Harry facing danger, it seemed Moody's suggestion was transpiring all sorts of ideas in his head. 

"No, Milo," she whispered to him as the adults around them argued, " don't even think about it. Let them sort it out."

He obviously wasn't listening, but Harry was as he quickly grabbed Milo's arm, shaking his brother in place. "I can do this, Milo," Harry told him, but at the sound of his voice cracking, he didn't sound at all reassuring. 

Milo really wasn't listening to a word around him as he looked across the way and saw Artemis standing only a few feet from him. No one seemed to notice her, but he wasn't about to call her out either, she was obviously there for a reason and while he had been faced with a dilemma, she didn't look all that concerned. 

"It seems he is not as strong-willed as I thought he would be," Artemis said as she stood behind Moody. "He certainly enjoys the Imperius Curse, I thought it would be much more difficult to gain control over him. Either I am underestimating my abilities or I overestimated his."

Milo didn't say anything, which only brought a smile to the goddess's lips. "You are free to speak, Milo Potter, they will not hear our conversation, I've made sure of it."

As if the vow of silence had been unleashed Milo blinked several times before his eyes focused on Artemis. "You did this?!" He cried out. "H-h-how...Harry is just a child! He's my little brother, you know how I feel about him-"

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