Chapter Forty-Four

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Milo and Cedric seemed to be beside themselves with giddiness after the confession of their love for each other. It still felt sort of weird saying it in front of each other out loud, but at least they had said it once to one another and that sealed the deal. Eventually, they would grow to the point where saying it would come as second nature. But it was nice to know that they had both reached the same point with their levels roughly around the same time, not leaving the other one to feel awkward. Cedric had been going back and forth in his mind when it would be the appropriate time to say something to Milo.

He took the first chance when he thought Milo was asleep because he wanted to hear what it sounded like out loud before Milo heard it. He wanted it to sound confident the first time he said to Milo because he didn't want there to be any sort of doubt or second-guessing on anyone's behalf. He had come to the conclusion long before that he loved Milo, he just had to wonder if he was too young to utter such words for them to be taken seriously. 

Cedric had realised that he loved Milo more than anything when he took that step in the Hufflepuff Common Room to kiss the boy in front of their peers at his birthday the year prior. He realised it because he was willing to take such a step for Milo, despite everything they had been through, there had been something holding him back. Cedric had still been holding onto the idea that his parents would come around, that they would welcome his and Milo's lifestyle into their own lives and learn to love both of them all over again. 

Still, there was a distant flicker of hope that Cedric held onto deep down, even with the way his father and mother had treated both him and Milo. He wanted them to come to their senses and apologise for the way they reacted so they could all heal and move on as a family. However, as more time went on, Cedric didn't think that was ever going to happen. But Milo kept pushing the idea that Cedric didn't need his parents, he had people willing to be part of his family. 

Only Cedric came to understand that he really only needed one to act as a family and that was Milo. No matter what, Milo had always been there even when he had been so difficult and horrible to the boy by ignoring him and telling him to ignore his own feelings. Milo didn't care what other people thought about their relationship because he was so damn proud to be seen with Cedric and that's what the boy had to understand.

Finally, he did and he took that moment to show Milo that he didn't care about anything or anyone else in that moment except him. That was showing it and then it came time to the point where he actually wanted to admit it. He wanted Milo to hear it but the first time, he wanted it to be perfect. Of course, he should have known that dating Milo, perfect wasn't exactly a thing, there was always something bound to disrupt something.

Leave it to Milo to overhear what was being whispered to him when he was supposed to be asleep. But that was probably the best thing about their relationship, the imperfections of it made it perfect. 

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