Chapter Seventeen

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Harry wasn't sure what to make of his older brother's request to grab the invisibility cloak and then meet up with Milo in the Entrance Hall, but he wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity either. The problem was convincing Hermione that it was alright for him to go since he confessed to them that his scar was hurting and convincing Ron that he couldn't go. He didn't want to come across as mean to Ron, but the boy obviously had a great amount of time bonding with his siblings over the years. Harry wanted a relationship with Milo that resembled the Weasleys. He wanted a family atmosphere shared with their godparents and such that shared the same warmth and unity.

However, because he had to stay with the Dursleys instead of staying in Hogsmeade, it posed a conflict with his family members. Then there were the insecurities that constantly rose to the surface in the boy's mind whenever he was around them. His brother was close to all of them because he lived right in the village, he interacted with them more, and not to mention, people genuinely seemed to like Milo more than himself. Harry could see why his brother was kind and knew all sorts of things, plus it appeared as though his life didn't revolve around drama unless it involved Harry. 

That's what Harry hated the most, that his entire relationship with Milo mainly revolved around drama, whether it was the two of them fighting or the two o them having to come together over a near tragedy. That was not what Harry wanted once he learned of his brother as a boy. But there was that anger that swelled up inside Harry some days that he just ignore as much as he wanted to. The Dursleys were cruel beings, there was no nice way of putting it, they were practically monsters. 

Painting the image in Harry's head for the longest time that his father was nothing more than an unemployed drunk. That they perished in a car crash leaving Milo and Harry alone, but to make matters worse, they played on the fact that Milo wasn't growing up around Harry. They claimed that his brother wanted nothing to do with the likes of him. It probably hurt Harry the most to hear such a thing, that somewhere out in the world, he had a brother, who wanted nothing to do with him.

Of course, in the back of Harry's mind, he should have known it was all a lie, but as birthdays came and went, and his brother nowhere to be seen on the scene, Harry didn't know what to make of the situation. Then out of nowhere, Milo had shown up on the Hogwarts Express, claiming that he was so happy to see him, that Harry had fallen into a state of shock. How was he supposed to react now that he was seeing his brother for the first time after a decade had passed?

He was in full health, Milo appeared happy and fine, so what was his brother's excuse for not getting in contact in the first place? His mind when back and forth between believing the Dursleys or believing that something had interfered with him and his brother. But the more he got to know Milo (hell, even Ron knew him from the time he spent at the Burrow with his older brothers) Harry couldn't help but think how unfair it all was. And it really looked like his brother was living a wonderful life and really didn't want anything to do with Harry.Milo didn't need Harry like Harry needed Milo. 

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