Chapter Seven

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Following the Ceryneian Hind through the thick forest, Milo continued to look over his shoulder to make sure that everyone was still with him. Cedric was keeping pace with him easily, walking alongside him, while Silas was walking a bit slower for Neville's sake. The group of teen boys continued to look over their shoulders in the direction where they had left the tent, hoping that the adults would be coming up behind them shortly after. Milo was doing his best to remain calm but at the same time, his mind was worrying about everyone who wasn't with them at the time. His thoughts trailed back to his mother and to Harry first and foremost, and while the match had been great, he couldn't help but feel like he had placed his mother in the predicament of dealing with the mess. 

Not to mention, he had put Cedric in two tough positions, dealing with Amos and now dealing with this mess. The Ceryneian Hind came to a halt and suddenly vanished, making the four believe that the Hind had led them a safe distance before leaving them.

"S-so it i-is t-true," Neville was the first to speak, "w-we really are all c-c-connected by the gods, aren't we?"

Milo and Silas gave a nod of their heads before Paden let out a small chirp and climbed down into Milo's hand. The boy tried to soothe the bowtruckle but it didn't seem to be doing much, mainly because Milo wasn't fully paying attention. Instead, his attention was fixed on the distance, hoping that the Weasley family along with Harry and Hermione had gotten to safety. He was sure that if Artemis had come to warn them that Hestia would make sure that those under her protection were alright. 

Another question came to mind as they were all standing around in the colder night air, how long were they supposed to just stand there? He was already feeling impatient, leaving him to pace back and forth with every second that was passing by.

"Milo," Cedric could sense the boy's nerves and spoke in a low voice, not only to make sure they didn't attract unwanted attention but hoping that it would calm him down. "Everyone is going to be fine, I'm sure that it was some fans getting carried away with their celebrations."

"Carried away to the point where they are setting fires, Cedric?" Milo questioned. "Not to mention, those panicked screams didn't sound like carried away celebrations."

Suddenly, they heard movement approaching, all of them going for their wands, only to turn around and see Fred, George, and Ginny approaching them. Even in the darkness of the night, their faces were pale as if they had seen something horrible and it was more than likely that they did.

"Are you three alright?" Milo asked as they grew closer. They all nodded their heads in confirmation but Milo was looking around them with a frown on his face. "Where's Harry? Ron? Hermione?"

Fred, who still had a firm grip on his little sister's hand turned around and looked back in the other direction. "They were right behind us, they must have got caught up with the crowd at some point. It was bloody chaos back there, people running all over the place, pushing each other out of the way as if it was going to better their chances of getting away from the scene."

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