Chapter Fifty-Eight

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"Kill the spare," Voldemort ordered as he removed his finger from Harry's forehead, unleashing a malicious laugh. Harry was feeling incredibly weak from the amount of pain inflicted upon him, but he couldn't help but panic for his brother as Milo had exposed himself. He was wandless and surrounded by Death Eaters, there was no way the boy was going to survive such a thing. Harry thrashed about as violently as he could to distract everyone from Milo. He was trying to get them to realise that Milo's presence wasn't important, they didn't need to worry about him, and hopefully, that meant that they didn't have to hurt him. 

If anyone was going to die that night between the two brothers, Harry could only hope that it was himself since it was all his fault that they were there in the first place. Milo had tried to warn him numerous times to just leave him, Harry could have easily gone back to get help. But instead, he just wanted to help right then and there, he had forced Milo's hand to take the cup and now they were both there in the graveyard facing danger. He had put Milo in that danger and now, Milo was trying to protect Harry at all cost like he normally did. 

Suddenly, as soon as Voldemort gave the order, Brinley moved, lifting the wand in her hand, however, her efforts were short-lived as she was suddenly, slammed in the face by a heavy rock. It crashed into her nose and immediately, Harry witnessed blood pouring from the middle of her face as she let out a small cry. Harry peered over at Milo to see that he was still in the position of where he had cast the first thrown, looking quite surprised with himself as well. Other Death Eaters went to move in, but Brinley held out her arm as some blood hit the floor.

"He's mine!" She snapped bitterly and at the sound of the words, Milo turned on his heel and took off into the grass. Brinley seemed surprised that he would run but she wasted no time to head after him, but seconds later, Milo fell into the grass, bringing the woman to laugh. She called out into the night air that it would be an easy kill. 

But probably not as easy as she thought.

As soon as Milo hit the ground, he was only all fours, a much easier way to cover himself as he found himself in kitten form among the tall grass. His movement went undetected as he crawled through the grass, knowing that the crazed woman was after him, and she was armed. However, above him, he could hear her shouting about how he disappeared. Suddenly, there was an alarm to be raised as no one could figure out how Milo had disappeared so quickly. He didn't have a wand on him, he couldn't disapparate from the scene. 

Milo wasn't sure what his plan was going to be, but if he was a threat in the eyes of the Death Eaters, it meant that the attention was pulled off of Harry for the time being. He just had to make them worry that something had gone terribly wrong on their behalf and that Milo had hatched some sort of plan to disrupt theirs. However, as they raced about in search, Milo continued to travel along in the tall grass as a kitten, unsure of where he was actually going. He moved quietly, not moving a blade of grass in his wake, and in the short distance, he could see the church.

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