Chapter Forty-One

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It was one thing for people to mess with Milo, it was one thing to mess with his friends, he found himself very protective over both, but when it came to his mother, no one was ever supposed to challenge the idea of doing anything to his mother. Seeing her floating, roped down to a statue, Milo found himself beyond furious because he didn't like seeing his mother in such a state. Her eyes were closed and it looked like she was sleeping, but at the same time, she resembled a state that Milo couldn't even bring himself to repeat out loud after thinking it once in his head.

There wasn't a second of hesitation on his behalf as Milo swam over in the direction of where the four bodies were tied up. Seeing his mother, Hermione, Alicia, and Fleur's little sister just floating in the water like anchored seaweed made him uncomfortable. In his mind, he wanted to bring them all up to the surface so he didn't have to look at their eerie faces underwater, but he knew that wasn't part of the challenge. Eventually, Fleur, Angelina, and Krum would arrive to grab their most valuable person, so Milo's main priority had to be his mother. 

However, as he swam over, glaring in the direction of the merpeople, he had to think to himself, he had been expected Cedric or Harry to show up underwater, so if neither one of them had been placed under, where were they? His questions were going to have to wait until he reached the surface as he needed to get his mother out. He had a feeling that she had not volunteered for the task and more than likely, she was not going to be happy when she came to. Whoever was going to suffer her wrath, Milo did not want to be present to witness it. 

The merfolk looked on, the majority of them looking amused at Milo as he looked at their spears, knowing he had to cut through the ropes that bound his mother to the others. He spotted several jagged rocks and grabbed one. His mind was in such a stupor that he was forgetting the use of magic, but it was working, at least. Thankful for the gills, Milo didn't have to worry about salvaging as much air as he could work freely. But he did manage to free her, the problem was, he didn't want to leave until the others showed up to make sure that everyone was going to make it. 

Clutching his mother close to him in the water, the merfolk looked as though they were encouraging him to leave, to go to the surface.

"No," he said out loud and to himself, " I'm not going until the others arrive."

The merfolk looked at him as if he were stupid and in those moments, perhaps it did come across as foolish because he held such a lead over the others that he could have easily surfaced and claimed to win first. But instead, he waited there, making sure to keep his mind focused on the time so he didn't go over the hour.

Finally, someone did finally show up and it was Krum. Although it didn't look like Krum as he had transfigured half of his body into a shark. It gave him a head of a shark, but a bit of a disfigured one as Milo witnessed him swim past. The teeth of the shark didn't allow Krum to cut through the rope and Milo could see how frustrated he was becoming in such a short span of time.  While Krum completely ignored him, Milo was very happy to see the other champion because it meant that Hermione was going to be spared from having to remain under any longer. 

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