Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Milo used his arms to cover his head as he could feel the heat of the fire nearly burning his ears. The dragon was getting closer and closer to hitting him with her flames and he was completely out of his ideas. The last thing he wanted to do was endanger the nest because he would never forgive himself if he was the cause of multiple dragon deaths. Whoever had come up with the bright idea to actually use the real eggs from the nests was going to get an earful from him if he managed to survive. He was dodging the flames by running behind boulder after boulder and it was just becoming a weird game of hide-and-go-seek only the punishment for being caught was death. 

"What do I do? What do I do?" He whispered to himself frantically, his wand wasn't serving him any purpose. It would have been completely simple if he could just summon the stupid golden egg, but that did him no good, there was obviously an enchantment on it to prevent the task from being that easy. Finally, with his lanky body, he was able to wedge himself between two rocks and tuck himself away for safety. He could hear the dragon stomping around, searching for him so she could destroy him. Luckily, she couldn't detect his scent as he managed to roll himself around in mud and dirt before hiding away. 

Clapping his hands over his ears once more, Milo thought to himself but became distracted by the dragon screeching loudly. He grabbed his wand muffled the sound around him so he could concentrate. Artemis had given him some advice but it wasn't very good advice as he thought about it. 

"Do the burning..."

Just what the hell did she mean by that? Of course, he had attempted to "do the burning" by creating his own dragons, but that plan had been foiled. Suddenly, as he was granted the gift of silence, an idea popped into his head as he crawled further into the crevices of the rock. He was sure his mother was having a heart attack out in the stands because she couldn't see him and that's exactly what sparked the idea in his head.

The dragon in the arena was aggressive by default, but she was acting even more aggressive because she wanted to ensure that all of her babies were going to hatch. She was on high alert because none of her eggs had hatched and that's what Milo realised he had to do. The further he climbed through the rocks, he could peer out through a crack at one point and could clearly see the nest, as well the as the golden egg tucked among the egg. Sticking his wand through a small crack, Milo called out the spell, " Incendio!"

The jet stream of fire hit the bottom of the nest directly, surrounding all the eggs and grabbing the dragon's attention. She raced over as fast as could to tend to her nest but there wasn't much she could do about the fire. Her calls sounded and Milo could hear the sounds of the crowd complaining as they had to cover their own ears to drown on the high-pitch calls. Using her wings, the dragon tried desperately to put out the fire but the gusts of wind didn't help at all. 

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