Chapter Twenty-Seven

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"A sense of bitterness still lingers in the mind of young Milo Fleamont Potter and it seems to affect those around him. Perhaps the tournament is a way for the oldest Potter to break free from the shadow of his famous little brother, the Boy-Who-Lived. However, one would think he would have found peace in the woman that adopted him. But she too shares the bitterness..."

Milo began to squeeze the copy of the Daily Prophet in his hands as he read over Rita Skeeter's article. It was just his luck that the woman would think to write the article including him, despite the fact that he had declined the interview and now she was dragging Milo's mother into it. It was one thing to insult his name, but to insult his family, Rita Skeeter had another thing coming if she thought she wasn't going to be met with any sort of retaliation.

"Will Milo's parents watch over the boy from the Heavens? Are they proud of who their son is?"

He had been in such a cheery mood over the last few days. After successfully pulling off the prank where Fred and George had filled the dungeons with snails and left Professor Snape completely crazed, Milo had been called in for questioning along with the twins, Harry, and Ron. Of course, there was absolutely no proof as to who had committed the crime, although as Minerva noted all the snails, she had a sneaking suspicion of who was behind the prank initially.

However, it was Snape, who questioned the boys like they were in some sort interrogation.

"Well, Potter, what do you make of this mess?" Snape had sneered at him. Years of practice with the twins had left Milo to finally pull off the calm and collective manner that was needed during such times.

"I see no difference, Professor."

Milo could see the anger grow on the man's features, looking absolutely furious with the response because if he chose to accuse Milo of mocking him, he would have to reveal in front of McGonagall of what he had said to Hermione Granger earlier. Milo knew he had the man right where he wanted him, scrambling for a response. But with no comeback and no evidence that it had been any of them, they were free to go.

Of course, Indra had been the one initially panicking as she waited in the Entrance Hall with Silas and Neville after the older boys and Harry had been called down. To see that they had all remained fine, she sighed in relief before sharing a hug with Fred. However, as everyone else around them watched, she quickly resulted to hugging everyone to show that she wasn't playing any sort of favourites. 

But Fred's mind would linger on the premise that he had been hugged first and he made sure to mention that about three times after Indra had excused herself with a flushed face and left.

While it didn't solve the problems between Harry and Ron, the entire prank had managed to at least make Harry smile and that made Milo feel like an accomplished big brother. But now that he had taken over in the tournament, he was seeing just how stressful it was all going to turn out to be. 

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