Chapter Thirteen

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No one seemed able to make any bit of sense of what Milo had seen during his "vision" and it didn't help that even the gods and goddesses didn't know what it meant. The Fates had been generous enough to share their seeings with him, but it didn't mean that he was capable of figuring out what it meant or what he was supposed to do with the information if there was anything to take away from the scenario. By no means was Milo a Seer and the way the vision had left him feeling after he woke up, he was certain that he didn't want to be one either. It was terrible to wake up with the taste of lake water in his mouth, only to discover that his body had been convulsing the entire time. Seems like the gods were right about something, it definitely took a harsh toll on a human's body. 

Milo explained everything he had seen but with nothing to go on, he really just wanted to return to the Hufflepuff dorms for some sleep. However, it was his mother, Madam Pomfrey, and Cedric that convinced him it was best to say. Cedric had never seen Milo enter such a state and if he was being honest, it left him completely frightened that something would happen to Milo during the night and no one would be able to help him. At least, if Milo remained in the Hospital Wing for the remainder of the evening, everyone could sleep a bit more soundly knowing that Madam Pomfrey would have the situation under control. 

But it didn't mean that Cedric was going to leave either, as he pulled up a chair and sat beside Milo's bedside. Madam Pomfrey advised him to at least take a bed, but he refused for the time being. Milo was still awake, staring blankly ahead as he was lost in his own thoughts as Paden was settled in his owner's lap, just watching him. Poor Paden had been put through such a panic, not sure what was happening to his owner at the time, but knowing at the time that he had been completely useless when it came to the situation. The only thing that he had been able to do to help was alert everyone in the room with frantic chirping.

Of course, initially, the boys in the dorm woke up and were fully prepared to tell Milo off for having the bowtruckle wake them from their slumber until they saw the scene that had unfolded. 

Neither of the boys spoke to each other right away, Cedric just watching every bit of Milo's movement until Milo fell back into his pillow and let out a heavy sigh.

"Are you feeling alright?" Cedric quickly asked him, fearful that Milo would possibly enter another seizure of some sort.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Milo yawned, " just tired is all. I was hoping to get plenty of sleep before the first day of classes tomorrow. I'm going to feel like death and it's just my luck that I get to start with Professor Snape's class first thing in the morning."

He let out a small chuckle, trying to find some humour in the terrible way that things were lining up for him, but Cedric didn't share in his amusement. In fact, the boy seemed to wear a permanent frown on his face because while he understood the seizure had been brought upon by the gods themselves, he still felt partially responsible. Perhaps if he hadn't made Milo upset, to begin with, Milo would have shown up to his bed like he normally did and maybe, just maybe Cedric would have been able to help him.

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