Chapter Fifty-Four

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Milo had his back pressed against the cold stone wall of the castle, but he didn't feel it. For the past half hour, he had been feeling quite numb as the Third Task was approaching and finally, it was near time. He was to report outside with the other champions in only a few minutes and he was trying to pretend that everything was alright. He had spent a good amount of time, talking to Harry, the two of them making summer plans because Milo meant what he said about getting Harry out of the Dursley home. Harry made it quite clear that all he wanted to do was be surrounded by family, but not just blood relatives, an actual family that wanted him around. 

They joked about all the things they would do that summer from playing quidditch throughout Hogsmeade to possibly heading back into the mountains to track down more mooncalves that needed help. In their discussions, they pretended that Elspeth was home safe and sound, so there was nothing to worry about. The Tournament was over, one of the other champions had one, in their minds it was Angelina. Everything went back to normal and Harry would have a normal chance of living a nice life surrounded by his family. That's what they were counting on, whether or not they would be able to experience it was another thing.

While Milo wore a brave face the entire time he was around Harry, it was starting to falter, especially as he had Cedric in front of him, warning the boy to be careful while he was in the maze. Cedric had grabbed it before it was time, bringing him down an empty corridor to spend the last few minutes with Milo before he had to head down with the other champions. Milo didn't feel much, but he could feel the warmth emitting from Cedric's hands that were holding the sides of his face in that moment. 

"Everything is going to be alright if anyone can handle the creatures that were placed in that maze, it's you. I don't see any of the other champions handling it better than you. So you have that, all you have to do is just last long enough until one of them finds the cup, right?"

Milo nodded his head. "Although if I find the cup first, I'm grabbing it so it can all be done with. I'm not going to wait around like I did in the second test. As soon as someone grabs it, it'll be over. So if I find it first, it's mine."

Cedric grinned. "I don't any of us will be complaining if you grab it, just make sure you remain somewhat humble after you become a big winner."

"That's only if you agree to call me Handsome until the end of time. I do like my compliments, but that one happens to be my favourite."

"Of course it is," Cedric laughed before agreeing to it. "Fine, even if you win, I will agree to call you Handsome until the very end."

"Handsome winner sounds good though-"


"It was only a suggestion!" Milo giggled. "Only a suggestion, one that you should probably think over while I'm in the maze."

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