Chapter 52: The Finals! Pt 3

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Chapter 52

The Finals! Pt 3

Nadia P.O.V.

As me and the girls were getting ready, my hair was a little bit wave and I wore my SnapBack backwards, as I was wearing the same shoes.

As I was wearing the different outfit the one with our names.

"Ladies your going on in 5", said one of the stage crew passing by us.

"I'm guessing we have to plug in our ear pieces?", Bethany said we nodded.

"Well alright then"

We chuckled and plugged it in to our ears, we breathe in as we walked on into the dark stage where we followed one of the stage crew, I sat at the first white swing as I crossed my legs as I was holding the chain.

"Okay ladies you girls are just going to sing don't try and swing that much and when you get to the middle you girls will stand up and walk slowly to the crowd", he said as we nodded.

"Okay good luck", soon he walked off as we looked at each other and we gave each other a nice warming smile.

"Going on in 5...4...3...2"

"Hello and welcome back next is Judges Choice, which means they will choose a performance they did in the past, up on stage is Intensify Unison and Kelly Rowland choice, check it out", he said as the lights dimmed down and they showed the high lights for this song as I heard Kelly said.

'The song I choose is Hurt because song is strongly perfect and touches the judges and everybody else's heart'

As I took a deep breath when it finish the crowd screamed as the lights appeared on us.


Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face

You told me how proud you were but I walked away

If only I knew what I know today

Ooh ooh


I would hold you in my arms

I would take the pain away

Thank you for all you've done

Forgive all your mistakes.

There's nothing I wouldn't do

To hear your voice again.

Sometimes I wanna call you but I know you won't be there


Oh, I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do

And I've hurt myself by hurting you


Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit

Sometimes I just wanna hide 'cause it's you I miss

And it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this, ooh, whoa

[Aubrey and Charlotte]

Would you tell me I was wrong?

Would you help me understand?

Are you looking down upon me?

Are you proud of who I am?


There's nothing I wouldn't do

To have just one more chance

To look into your eyes and see you looking back


Oh, I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do

And I've hurt myself, oh, oh, oh.

[Charlotte low high notes]

Ohhh I'm sorry for blaming...youuuuu yeah yeah"

As we finished with us girls smiling at each other and hugging and we smiled as the judges gave us another standing ovation. Once again me and the girls had watery tears in our eyes and I saw the same thing that goes for Demi,Paulina and Kelly.

As they sat back down the audience settled to hear what is the judges comment.

"Ladies...these tears reached for my heart touches mine and it so beautiful that it made me cry, this means you girls should deserve the winning prize!", Demi said crying in her sentence as the crowd roared and cheered.

"Thank you", We said as I wiped my tears.

"Ladies your are a wonderful girl group and it shows so much friendships that you guys grew and you always stick together and you made it this far that is incredible, please America vote for them", Paulina said as she wiped her tear away.

"Thank you", we said again.

"Ladies..gotta admit I'm looking at a female version of One Direction and what I mean that I'm looking at the biggest American girl band in this country and I mean that congrats girls your the best", Simon said as the crowd screamed and cheered as we smiled and thanked him.

As we looked that Kelly.

"Ladies! I love the outfits the performance the swings! And most importantly I love you girls! You girls are the best and this is why you girls got through the live shows which proves everyone loves you cause you show so much affection and friendship to each other and they will say

'Wow they're really best friends'

And you are, you deserve this! America vote for Intensify Unison!", she said in tears as the crowd screamed and cheered as we thanked her and wiped our tears away.

"Ladies that is a beautiful song you sang, why do you chose this song?", Mario asked us.

"We chose this song cause it's really heart warming and beautiful and we want something that touches our hearts and everyone else's so they know how we feel when we sing this song", Aubrey said as we agreed.

"Alright now if you want to vote for a Intensify Unison they're voting number is on the screen, remember don't vote till the contestant is done with their performance thank you Ladies"

We walked off to the back as we squealed and hugged each other as we were in tears.

"Um excuse me are you Intensify Unison?", we looked and saw.

"Ellie Goulding?", I said.

"Yes that's me, you girls did great up there and let me tell you I'm a huge fan and you girls touch my heart to that song and your doing great", she said as we smiled and shook her hand.

"Oh my gosh it's so nice to meet you!", Aubrey said as we hugged her, she laughed.

"Same thing that goes for you"

"C-C-Can we take a picture with you?", Charlotte asked, she nodded as smile as we got my phone out and then we took a selfie together with a silly face.





~Hal ^•*

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