Chapter 41: The Nerving Fever

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Chapter 41

The Nerving Fever

Nadia P.O.V.

As me and Aubrey were practicing the high notes, but Aubrey is having trouble doing high notes.

"I don't get it, I use to hit high notes when I'm in the audition but not anymore!", she said in frustration.

"Aubrey, calm down that was only you where you were singing alone, but now your with us and we haven't place you with the high notes", I said.

"I just..don't want to disappoint you all"

"Disappoint us? Aubrey, you not going to disappoint us we're in this together and no matter what we will be there is not about us winning it's about us representing all the women out there that we can do it do it for the US"

"What happen if I fail"

Aubrey P.O.V.

"Then do it for your family", as I stopped panicking as I remembered what I told my mother

'Mom I promise you that I will get a house for you and the others, and I'll keep that promise mom it's because I love you'

As a tear slipped, as I tried once more and I got it down.

"There you go, you just need to believe in yourself", she said.

"Sorry I guess I got some Nerving fever"

"Nervous huh? Well I haven't been this nervous a for a while and that was the school contest"

"Haha what place did you get?" I asked.

"...2nd...", I widen my eyes.

"..2nd?! Girl you got the strongest voice in this group man those judges are messed up"

"Yeah I guess they don't want to hear singing then?", as we laughed.

"Man, remember we saw each other at bootcamp?", She said as I nodded.

"Oh yeah we bumped into each other and looked at each other awkwardly"

"Yeah I think I never apologize, I'm very sorry that I bumped into you", she said patting my hand I laughed.

"It's very okay"

"I remember I met Charlotte at the snack table", she said as we laughed.

"I remember I met Mika when she was curled into a ball and she fell asleep", I said, as she laughed and Mika unplugged her earbuds and said.


"Nothing!", we said. As she looked at us weirdly and shrugged and went back to sleeping.

"Wait what about Bethany?", I asked.

"Hmmm, I remember I met her when she was nervous, then I helped her get it through it before they called us on"

"I remember I was shy and she came up to me and pulled a couple of jokes till I laugh", she chuckled.

"And did it work?"

"Sadly..yes..", we laughed.

"We actually did met but we barely knew each other", she said as I nodded.

"But now we're like best friends who got their back"

"Yeah, I mean Intensity XO used to be us but now..", as I laughed.

"Intensify Unison is what we are", as we high five.

"I.U. Baby!", Nadia said as Charlotte and Bethany walked in.

Bethany sneaked up behind Mika as she poked her hips and she flinched as she jumped out of her bean chair.

"Bethany i'm going to kill you!", she yelled as she chased her out and we began to laugh.


As we finished recording we went to go over the stage Idea.

"What about light lights bulbs will be hanging around you, but it won't cover in front of you, just side of you, and you guys will stand with smoke around your feet?", our stage designer said.

"I liked it", Mika said as we agreed.

"And for you girls, what about the color white,gold and black outfits and I will add a red little glitter flower on your breast pocket on your outfits?", Sydney suggest.

"Yeah that's sounds good lets do it!", Nadia said as we chuckled.

"Okay we will get the outfit idea soon before the performance week", she said as we nodded.

"Well we should go to Casey and start and start practicing", Bethany said as we hit up and walked to Casey and started rehearsing.





~Hal ^•^

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