Chapter 2: Auditions!

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Chapter 2


Nadia's P.O.V.

*Saturday 8:00 am*

"NADIA MCKAYLA PARRY! It's your audition day!", Niko yelled I sprinted straight up and almost fell out of my bed.

I blew the hair away off my face, and looked at him.

"Niko! Don't scare me like that?!", I yelled.

"Sorry sis but do you know what today is?"

"Time for you to shut up", I crossed my arm getting up.

"No bubbie! It's time to go to your audition!", he cheered as he run back downstairs.

I widen my eyes as I remembered it was Saturday and it's only 8:02.

"Snap cracker pop!", I yelled as I sprinted out of my bedroom and into the bathroom.

I stripped down and took a shower as I washed my hair and my body, soon I run out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around myself as I was holding my pjs in my hands.

I ran to my room and locked it as I changed into my under garments.

I went to my closet and grabbed something that really cute and comfortable for my audition.

Well this is Miami! It's always have warm weather here it's time to feel the summer I your skin!

I grabbed a cute cream color skater dress that goes to my mid-thighs and my American flag converse, I grabbed a black sun hat that looks like Perrie Edwards in her music video Move by Little Mix.

I curled the tips of my brunette hair first and only put eyeliner and mascara that brings out my eyes more.

I put lip gloss on as I was ready, I walked down as I grabbed my phone and my mother here is taking pictures of me, as I took one with Niko,Noah,my mom,and my dad.

"Alrighty then! Let's go!", she said as we walked out to the car and drove to the arena.


As my mom parked the car I got out and saw the line.

As we walked I waited for a while as it move up slowly.

It's been about an hour and I'm almost to the front, my foot was tapping rapidly, as my mom rubbed my hand and I looked at her.

"Bubbie everything will be alright, I believe in you", she said as I nodded, I sighed as I heard the word 'next!'

I gulped as I walked up to the lady with glasses on.

"Name?" She said in a monotone.

"Um Nadia Parry"

"Age, birthday, city, and what song will you see?", she said not taking her eyes off the paper.

"18 my birthday is on August 10th 1995, and Miami North Village, Florida, and I will be singing Payphone by Maroon 5 the clean version", as she writes down she soon gave me a sticker and peel it off as gave it to me as I put it over my stomach.

I walked off with my family as this guy with a green baseball cap came up to me.

"Are you one of the contestants?", I nodded slowly as he did the follow me finger.

As I followed him and he made me sat down in front of a camera.

" just talk about your self, what's your name what hobbies or job you do? just talk about yourself you know?", he said as I nodded.

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