Chapter 38: Understandable

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Chapter 38


Nadia P.O.V.

**Performance Day**

As we were in the studio and we just finish practicing our last rehearsals.

"Okay ladies, you girls are going to head to the arena to get ready before the show starts and don't worry just have fun out there on stage and show them that your representing all the ladies out there", Kelly said as we nodded.

We grabbed our bags and head in the car as we drove to the arena in the back gates.

As we got there, we saw some girls holding signs that said 'Intensify Unison Rocks The Stage!'

We smiled and waved to them as we walked inside.

We got taken to the hair dresser to fix our hair, my hair stylist decided to do a rock hair style.

She curled my hair and try to put it into a little quiff. She put my hair into a pony tail then she pin it forward on my head as she out hairspray to make the curls frizz and poof up, so on top of my hair has curls like the hair style that Perrie Edwards had at the Kids Choice Awards 2013 with her pink hair.

After that I was brought to my outfit, I was wearing a black leather high waisted shirts with a rolling stone muscle tank top with my combat boots on.

As I went to sit back down to fix up my make-up they put a smokey eye-shadow to make it darken they put the liquid Mac eyeliner and added the fake lashes on. They put darken lipstick on my lips and natural powder for my face.

"Alright your done", she said as I smiled and thanked her.

I went to go get my ear piece to put on as some one tapped my shoulder as I turn and saw a man holding roses.

"Are you Nadia Parry?", he asked as I nodded, he handed it to me.

"Someone deliver this to you", then he walked away as I looked at the note.

'To the most Rockin secret girlfriend love you!

~you know who'

I rolled my eyes, so much for a secret boyfriend.

As I walked and put it in my dressing room as I sat down and go on my phone.


The show just started and I just watched Josie Cellings on the monitor as she was performing.

"Intensify Unison your up next", one of the stage crew said as we nodded.

As the stage crew went on stage to put our crops to came out.

The crop was a platform on the stage where we stand on these square things to pop out from the stage.

As we went under it and went to our spots.

"Okay ladies remember how you practice, this thing will push you up and to do it is you crouch down standing on your toes so it can give you a better push to jump, I will say go and you get ready and when this thing pushed you, you count to 5 and jump up and jump your legs out",he said as we nodded I crouched down as I heard some screaming.

Then when our intro was finish the music began.

"GO!", he said as we got ready and then the square started to move up as we jumped out and the whole crowd cheered.


Oh Mickey, you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind,

hey Mickey (huff huff) hey Mickey (huff huff)

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