Chapter 4 Bootcamp

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Chapter 4


Nadia P.O.V.

As I was waiting for my name to be called I was with the groups of girls in the room as I was sitting down.

The judges already picked whose going through to the four seat challenge I'm a nervous wreck.

My foot was taping as the door open and saw one of the stage crew.

"Ok girls your up", he said as we got out and went into four lines.

As we went in stage where the judges are my heart was racing and beating so fast that I can't breathe.

"When we call your name please step down off the stage and go through the doors and when we call your name your through to the next round", Demi said.

"Darcy Wilmington, Christen Diaz..." As they kept going they stopped.

"Congrats the girls who are through, and sorry to the girls your journey ends here", Kelly said as my heart stopped.

I didn't make it, the tears where whelming in my eyes as I stepped out if stage and hugged my brothers and my parents.

"It's okay Bubbie maybe next year you will try", my mom said.

"I thought my audition was going well how come they didn't it pick me!", I said.

"Well to be honest there are other girls with your talent so it was hard to choose", Neko said, I sighed he was right there are other girls with better voices then me.

"Come on Bubbie let's go home", my mom said as before we walked out the stage crew came out.

"Can I have the girls gather here please..", as all the girls gather around.

"We need the following girls... Mika Toronto, Aubrey McKenna, Charlotte Worth, Bethany Grey and Nadia Parry, please follow me", he said as we walked towards him and we walked onstage, I looked at the four girls one of them has dark brunette, a caramel light color, a light brunette like me and one blonde.

As we stood in front of the judges and they smiled at us.

"We saw you girls like close to together and we see something that you have all together and I'm going to ask you...will you be willing to join he next round as a girl group?" Kelly asked as that question got us we looked at each other and as I open my mouth and said one simple word.....


~Hal xx

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