Chapter 47: Practice Practice

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Chapter 47

Practice Practice

Charlotte P.O.V.

As we were with Casey we were practicing two songs.

"Okay so what song are you doing for your last performance?"

"We're going to sing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera", I said.

"Ah another song of her's okay lets practice", she said as we nodded.

We practice and mostly Nadia gets the high parts cause she can do the highest notes.

As we finished she clapped as the stage designer was with her and Sydney.

"Okay now for Beautiful, you going wear something that black and has a little sparkles to it and your hair will be little bit wavy and you will be wearing it during the results", she said as we smiled and nodded.

"And for the crops you will sit on a chair and sit it back wards, and there will be mirrors behind you and some dancers will be coming up to you and will show yourself into the mirror?

"Okay so now for your next outfits of the song Hurt, I was thinking you girls wearing a white sweater with the white collar shirt underneath it with the sleeves rolled up and in the front it will spray paint your name into cool colors and you guys wear a SnapBack backwards as you will ", Sydney said as we nodded.

"Now this time there will be white rose petals on the floor and you will sit on a swing?"

"I like that", Mika said.

"For Say my Name you guys will be wearing black and white with some sparkles"

"And you guys will enter into different sections, which means one of four of you will be on the sides of the X stage while Mika will be in the middle then soon you will walk together, we will keep this normal"


"Okay what's the next song?", Casey asked.

"Now or Never by Outasight", I said.

"Okay let's here it", she said as we started.

After we finish she clapped.

"Okay that was perfect but we can try to make it like your having fun", she said as we nodded .

"Okay so for this song we're going for some normal clothing's and by that I mean your style and what you wear mostly like snapbacks, high waisted shorts, or beanies", as we nodded.

"For the stage crops you will learn some choreography and you will sit on this staircase like in the 90s with graffiti on the brick walls something like that cartoon Hey Arnold" as we nodded.

"And the first song is Now Or Never, and you girls are going to wear the same outfits when your going into your intro", Sydney said as we nodded.

"And we're just going to keep your make-up the same"

"Okay, is there any song we're doing?"

"We're doing the guest performance"

"Ah, is it Burn by Ellie Goulding okay take it away", she said.

Then yet they smirk and clapped.

"Okay so Nadia you will be entering her intro, and you girls are going to have fun", she said as we nodded.

"Okay for this outfit it will be black and sparkles again but with red and the make-up will be natural", she said.

"Okay we planed it now you girls have to go to choreography for Now or Never and the spacing and everything", Casey said as we nodded as we got up and walked to the choreography room.


As we got back to the house me and the girls sat down on the couch breathing tired, 7 songs man, 7 songs at least some high notes aren't that too high.

"Want some tea?", Josie offered, we nodded as we sat up and she gave us sole tea as we took it and took a sip.

"Can you believe we have to do 7 songs?", she said.

"Yeah and there only three of us"

"I think I get it", Mika said as we looked at her.

"There Top 3 and Top 2,we're doing 4 songs for Top 3 including the all together performance with all of us and then the results, then 3 songs for the Top 2 including the all together performance as well", She said as we sighed.

"Wow, anyways where's Carson?"

"Carson is still at practice.." She said.

As we laid back on the couch and out the tea in the table then soon we fell asleep.





~Hal ^•*

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