Chapter 20: C'mon

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Chapter 20


Nadia P.O.V.

I stared at the mirror as we were dancing to the routine. As I held the plastic water bottle in my hand and pretend I'm singing on stage.

As our dance instructor,Mario, and Casey clapped after we finished.

"That was B-e-a-utiful girls", he said as we thanked him,

"And your vocals were good and I'm so sorry that Stella was your substitute vocal coach I promise you aren't going to get cause I'm writing a report about her?", she said.

"Wait! You get to write a report about her?!",Charlotte asked.

"Yeah.... When we have a substitute to take our place for a while till they return they will get some fee backs from us and I have to go tell someone whose in charge of doing that to not get Stella it's quite confusing"

"I'm already confuse now", Mika said.

"Well don't worry about it so you guys have two days till the performance and tomorrow we're doing dress rehearsals",she said as we smiled and nodded.

My outfit is Boho style, I'm wearing a cream color crop top with long fringe at the bottom that goes to my thighs and it only shows my stomach but the fringes are covering it, and I'm wearing high waisted shorts as I leave my hair down and wavy wearing a flower crown and my white vans.

As I grabbed my bag and we walked out to the van. As I was laughing at Bethany and Charlotte making funny faces at each other,

My phone beeped and I brought it out and checked it.


Hey love what's you up to?

{{To: Harry}}

Nothing really just finish rehearsals

"Who ya texting?", Charlotte asked as she looked over my shoulder.

"Aww Nadia is texting Harry"

"Oh shush"

{{From: Harry}}

How did it go?

{{To: Harry}}

Good I guess

"Hadia Sarry", As the girls chanting I the back and front, as I roll my eyes.

{{From: Harry}}

Great anyways would you like to come up to my room in the hotel later, it's room 23B on the fourth floor

Hmmm...should I go? I mean c'mon now it's Harry Styles.

I looked up and see Charlotte poking Aubrey cheek.


Ok I will be there in 20 minutes.

As I felt another vibration, and I pull it out and looked.

{{From: Harry}}

Great! See you soon love

I don't know wether I should be nervous or not? I mean Harry Styles been my celebrity crush over years now and he asked me to come to his room.

"Hey girls Harry asked me to come in his room to hang out, I'm going to go", I said as the girls gave me a seductive stare.

" girls have one dirty mind tags is coming now and I don't want to hear it so let's just forget what I said and talk about how we need to help Bethany with a shoe problem"

"I told you it just happen..."


As I walked up to his room and I knocked on the door, as I heard some few footsteps till the door open and I see a shirtless Harry Styles, he was wearing gray baggy sweatpants and his hair pushed back and have a bandana.

I gulped as he put on on a shirt and smiled at me. Harry seem like a rocker cause he dress so Edgy, it's not I don't have anything against it, it looks hot making my mouth dry.

"Hi Nadia please come in", he said as I smiled and walked in I looked around it was quite clean.

"Please sit", He said as I sat down and it was awkward silence between us.

"So how's the show so far?" He asked.

"Good so far", he sat down next to me making me sink, my heart began to flutters as he gave me water and u thanked him. I drank it as he watched me and pushed my left side of my hair behind my ear as when his touch was connected to my skin I shivered.

"...your so beautiful..."he mutters under his breath enough for me to hear.

"Sorry what?", I asked.

"What? Oh I said nothing?"

I arched my eyebrow at him and he just smiled at me.

"Wanna watch a movie?", he asked.

"What movie do you have?"

"I have Frozen?"

"Okay let's watch that", I said as he popped it in and he sat back down as he put his arms around my shoulders and I looked up at him.

"Oh sorry", he said as he took his arm away.

"No it's fine, I kinda like it", He looked at me and smiled as he put it back and I leaned more into him as the movie began.

Harry P.O.V.

As I watch Nadia while she chuckled and smile at the movie. She so beautiful I don't know why she doesn't have a boyfriend yet? She so beautiful and talented.

"Styles your eyes are on me instead the tv?", she said as I went back into reality.


"It's okay, but are you okay? You've been acting...awkward since I got here?", she asked as she paused the movie and sat criss cross in front of me.

"Is there something you want to talk about?", she asked.

" there nothing to talk about", I lied to see if she believe it's

"Mmkay, well I have to go, I have one last practice tomorrow before the performance on Wednesday", She said as she got up and grabbed her bag as I stood up and hugged her as she hugged me back.

"Well I will text you later", I said shaking my hand as I hid it behind my back.

"Okay, bye Harry I had a great night", she smiled and walked away to the door.

As I heard the door closed as I slumped on the couches and sighed.

She so beautiful I can't control myself, I need to make her mine soon.





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There a lot of songs I like but I'm not going to list then cause there too many. Anyways hope you enjoy!

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