Chapter 9: Break Time and Tweets!

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Chapter 9

Break Time and Tweets!

Nadia P.O.V.

Finally! Me and the girls have a break, we've been working and working every single day and it's a Sunday and we get to take a little break.

Me and the girls decided to go to the mall, since we haven't been to that mall for awhile.

As we were in the van on our way I was looking out the window.

"I never like going to the mall...", Aubrey said leaning on to Mika shoulder.

"Yeah same here", Aubrey said.

"Oh come on! Shopping is fun, you live for it!", Bethany and Charlotte yelled at the same time.

"Is it possible that you guys are so much alike?", I asked as they looked at me.

"Yeah we were meant to be Intensify Unison all the way!", Charlotte yelled.

We laughed as we stopped in front of the mall, we walked out as we went inside.

"Okay Me and Mika are going to the food court so we won't walk around too much you guys go ahead and shop", Aubrey said as we nodded.

"We will call you when we're coming", I said and she nodded.

As me, Char and Beth walking to Hot Topic.

"So we should have cute nicknames for each other!", Beth exclaimed.

"Really?", Char said.

"Yes! What do people call you?", she asked us.

"My mom calls me Bubbie"

"Bubbie? That's so adorable! I'm going to call you bubbie!", I chuckled.

"What about you Char?", I asked.

"Well I didn't have that much friends in school, I'm always bullied, but people calls me loser and slut and stuff", she said sighing.

"Awww", as I hugged her tight and let go, "your squishy....

Your name will be Squishy and you shall be my Squishy", I said as she chuckled.

"You got thy from Finding Nemo didn't you?"

"Yes...yes I did", I said as we continue with our shopping.

As we went to Macy Bethany is trying in a shirt as I was siting in a couch.

I was on Twitter looking through my phone as I notice the notification has a little red dot, I tapped it and saw

'Harry_Styles is following you'

I was about to scream but I was in a public place, my face turn pale as Squishy looked at me.

"Something wrong?"

"No....but Harry Styles followed me on Twitter...I'!"

"Guys I'm ready!" Bethany said as she came out and saw me.

"What did I miss?"

"Harry Styles followed me!", I said.

"Lemme see!", she said as she looked t my phone.

"Ohhh he likes you!", she said as I rolled my eyes.

"Please he always follow each contestants on X-Factor..."

"Suit for yourself!", she said as we went and paid for our stuff and walked to the food court, as we were walking Charlotte said something that unexpected us.

"Guys, if we do win the X-Factor will it be cool if our debut albums seeking off the charts passing The Spice Girls?", we knitted our eyebrows.

"Wow that's pretty big actually, I mean they're good band like Little Mix and everything, the X-Factor, barely any girl bands doesn't get to far through the competition? I mean our debut albums selling? To be honest....I wonder what we are we going to do anyways?"

"Yeah same it's pretty big if we won the X-Factor...", Bethany said.

As we went to the food court we saw Mika and Aubrey laughing their heads off. As we sat down and I keep having my jitters.

"Should I ask why is Nadia so......jittery?" Mika said.

"What? Oh Harry Styles is following her on Twitter", Char said.

"Oh I got a tweet from Randy Jackson....", Aubrey said, we looked at her as Beth jaw dropped.

"What? It said

'Yo! Watching Simon Cowell Series X-Factor and my new favorite contestant is when he put those five girls into a group known as Intensity XO, too bad they have to change their name! (Pt. 1)' "

We knitted our eyebrows.

"Pt 1?"

"Here Pt 2

'Yo! Intensity girls keep the Intensity cause you always bring up the intense, keep it real and keep it cool!' "

As we heard another beep, Mika checked it.

"Someone retweeted my tweet?"

"Oh you mean

'@Mika_Tor: With my awesome girls, and can't wait till you guys hear us sing on Wednesday!'

That tweet?", I said.

"Yeah that one!"

"Who retweeted it?", Charlotte asked.

"Mariah Carey!"

Bethany spit out her water and began to cough.

"S-S-Say W-What now?"

"Mariah Carey retweeted my tweet! OMG! I love her so much!", Mika said fangirling.

As Charlotte was looking at her phone then Aubrey caught something with her eyes, she grabbed her phone.

"Hey!", Char said.

"Ch-Ch-Charlotte.....Jimmy Fallon just tag you in a tweet!", she exclaimed!

"Yeah I....SAY WOAH NOW!", she took it and read it out loud.

"@jimmyfallon: @CharlotteWorth was killing it at her audition and now she in her awesome band! Give it up Intensity Xo even though she going to change it soon but still give it up for her!"

" no fair! How come you guys get famous tweet and I--"Beth said as she heard a tweet, she took it out.

"Oh it's just Cody Simpson retweeted my tweet..anyways, it's no fair that---WAIT HOLD ON!" She said picking up her phone again and taking a look.

"No way.....he tweeted my tweet the one I said

'@BethGrey: @Mika_Tor @Aubrey_Mck @CharlotteWorth @Nadia_Parry my best friends forever, together we bring the #X-Factor to our Intense performance!'

I can't believe he tweeted me!"

"So wait! Randy Jackson, Harry Styles, Mariah Carey, Cody Simpson and Jimmy Fallon are big fans of us...well let's bring on the Intensifiers..."


Hope you enjoy!

~Hal xx

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