Chapter 21: Photo-Shoot/Interviews

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Chapter 21

Photo-Shoot and Interviews

Nadia P.O.V.

As we jump around while singing to our water bottles on stage doing sound check before we perform tomorrow.

Before we start we start off by sitting on the couch with some pretty relaxing colors behind us on the screen.

Then when Mika solo start she stands up and dance around a little bit while the dancers behind us come out and for us we just start jamming around with the dancers.

Next, when it's Bethany and Charlotte duet comes we stand up and walked down the runaway jamming along.

For the end we walked back to the couch and sat down in our positions and sing a little bit of acapella without any music when we do it.

After we finished Casey and Kelly started clapping,Kelly walked up on the stage as we stood up to see what she has to say.

"That was good girls, you girls made eye-contact to the crowd smiling and having a good time, I have a feeling another girl group will win this", she said as we cheered and we all high five.

"So today you girls have to go to an interview and photo-Shoot, it's for your intro for the show but first you go to your photo-shoot cause you will talk about it in the interview", we nodded as we walked to our bags.

"Can't believe we're still on the show", Mika said.

"I thought we will be boohed off first when we appeared?", I said as the girls agreed.

"Girls I got a tweet from Simon!", Charlotte said.

As we crowed around her and see what the tweet said.

'@SimonCowell: I having a feeling that @BethGrey @Mika_Tor @Aubrey_Mck @CharlotteWorth @Nadia_Parry is going to be the next best girl band'

As we cheered and we high five.

"Girls we should make official account all together", I said as they looked at me.

"Yeah, let's do that", Mika said as I log out of my twitter since I know what my password is and username is, so I made a new account it first I made a new email for all of us.

"What Email name we should name since just in case you guys want to sign in?", I asked then as Charlotte had an idea face.


As I typed it in and I got set up with it, and I went on twitter.

"What should we call our username?", I asked.

"Intensify_Uni!", Aubrey said as we chuckled and agreed as I typed that in and for our profile pic we took a selfie and I edit the pic and put it on and I put on our bio

'Five different girls love in different parts of the world with One Dream and all together we create Intensify Unison'

As I put that in the girls followed it as I made my first tweet.

'@Intensify_Uni: our first ever official page for us girls! @Nadia_Parry @Mika_Tor @CharlotteWorth @Aubrey_Mck @BethGrey ~Nadia :D'

As soon the girls retweet it and soon we gain 1k followers.

"Okay ready girls?", Kelly asked as we nodded and soon I got a notification.

"Kelly Rowland now followed you on Twitter"

"Thanks Kelly for the follow up", I said.

"Your welcome", she said as we got into the van.


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