Chapter 48: Movie Premiere

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Chapter 48

Movie Premiere

Nadia P.O.V.

Tonight Kelly said that the Top 3 Finalist got invited to a movie premiere, called Step it Up I think it's some kind of drama film slash dance film.

As I was getting ready I was wearing a white jumpsuit with blue outlines on it, and there is a gold belt around my waist as little chains were hanging down. My hair was curled and pony tail on the top, as I was wearing full black high top converse.

As my make-up was natural they out the liquid eyeliner on my eye and fake lashes as usual. Then next is a neutral tan lipstick as I looked in the mirror I looked fine.

As I grabbed my clutch, me and the girls head into the van to go to the Movie Premiere.

As we appeared the red carpet I see a lot of people dressing fancy and paparazzi.

"Well....this will be our first time entering the paparazzi", I said as we all agreed as the driver open the door as they all turned, I stepped my foot out and stood up as they all gasped and took pictures of us.

"Look it's Intensify Unison!"

"The Top 3 Finalist!"

"They're fantastic"

As we smiled to the camera as the security guards helped us through, to go to some interviews.

"Hi ladies!", this sweet lady said as we said hi and shook we hand.

"So you girls are the Top 3 Finalist how do you feel?!", she yelled over all the voices.

"Well it's a bit intimidating you know, I mean performing with thousand of people voting for you, you don't know whose going through it's scary once Mario give away the results", I said as we agreed.

"Yeah I know right and so you girls got put together as a girl group what is like to be in a girl group?"

"'s a whole lot of fun I mean you have someone to be there with you on stage while your singing and you don't have to be alone, occasionally I would of get boohed off the live shows by the first week", said Bethany as we laughed.

"So you girls used to be Intensity XO? How did you feel when you have to change it?"

"We were...not too happy...we were so tired we stayed like about 4 hours thinking of a new name, we decided to keep Intensity in but we needed a second name then we just thought about fitting Unison", Charlotte said.

"Alright now here another question what is your hidden talent?", she asked.

"I can do an impression of a baby laugh" I said, as she out the mic on me and I did it about a few times then I finished as the girls clapped.

"That's cool, anybody else?", as we shook our heads.

"Okay thank you girls", she said.

"Your welcome!", we said as we walked to go and lose some pictures as I see Carson and Josie loving it.

As we went inside to go and watch the movie.


As they finished the movie we stood up and clapped and next we went to the after party.

As me and Aubrey were talking about that hot actor, Gabe Woods.

Aubrey P.O.V.

As me and Nadia were talking about how hot is Gabe Lockets.

He is only 21 years old so two years older then me, he is tall and has light tan skin, he has dark black hair and his biceps are perfect and plus his beautiful blue eyes and his features and his eye brows are darken and cute.

As Josie finished performing her song we clapped as the person went to the mic and announced whose singing next.

"Alright this next performer is five girls who is also in the X-Factor Top 3 Finalist which you guys are all in invited to the Finals next week, so please give it up for Intensify Unison!", he said as the people clapped and we walked up on the platform.

"Hi, I'm Nadia Parry I'm 18 years old live in Miami, Florida"

"Hello, I'm Charlotte Worth I'm only 17 years old and I live in Seattle"

"Hi I'm Bethany Grey and I'm 17 and I love in California Malibu"

"Hello I'm Mika Toronto and I'm only 19 years old and I live in New York City"

"And I'm Aubrey McKenna, I'm only 19 and I live in California, San Diego", I said as the people cheered.

"And we're....Intensify Unison", we said together.

As I felt those piercing blue eyes on me, as I looked and saw Gabe staring at me.

"We're singing for you today our favorite song to sing on the show is Hurt by Christina Aguilera, I hope you enjoy", Nadia said as the music began.


As we finished they all clapped as we bowed and walked off the stage.

As I was at the table I poured punch in this clear plastic cup as I felt a tap on my shoulders as I turn and when I turn I saw Gabe as my cheeks flushed.

"H-H-Hi", I stammered my words.

"Your Aubrey right?"

"The one and only"

"I'm a big fan of you guys"


Soon we talked all night as I laughed as his funny little comments.

"So you've dating somebody?", as his cheeks flushed.

"W-W-Well I was just curious", he stammered.

As I chuckled, "no, I'm not, I don't think I would have time right now since Finals but probably after it", he just smiled.

"What about you? What happens to Natasha Lee?", I asked with his current girlfriend.

"Umm...well it didn't go too well turns out she wants my fame"

"Wow...I'm so sorry...I-", I was interrupt by Nadia.

"Hey Aubrey we gotta go we have practice tomorrow in the morning", she said.

"Right? I have to go, it was nice meeting you though", I said as we walked but he grabbed my wrist.

"Wait! Umm..can I see you at the Finals?"

"Well you are invited", I smiled as he smiled showing his dimples as we walked off.

This is the greatest day of my life!





By the way guys Step it Up is just a title I just made up so you don't have to research some random dude I made up and the movie I also made up.

~Hal ^•*

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