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{{Pictures of them are above, but if you can't imagine them like that then imagine them what ever you like}}

Nadia Parry:18 years old,light brown hair with gray brownish eyes, lighter tan, takes dance class, snowboards and track, sings and plays saxophone and piano, has Two older brothers, lives in Miami, Florida Cuban,Partly Italian, Puerto Rican, and Latino.

Charlotte Worth: 17 years old,light caramel hair (Like Jade Hair) and hazelnut eyes with lighter Tanner skin, plays the guitars, and piano, has three sisters, one is older and two is younger, she lives in Seattle and she Italian and half French.

Aubrey McKenna: 19 years old,dark brunette hair with dark blue eyes, tan skin, works at a Library, has three older brothers and she is Mexican.

Mika Toronto: 19 years old, blonde hair, has pale skin with blue eyes, a guitarist, one older sister and brother, lives in New York and works at a coffee shop.

Bethany Grey: 17 years old, has light brown straight hair, with dark brown eyes slightly green light tan skin, very foolish plays soccer, also surfs and softball, has four brothers, one older one, two teens that are twins, and one younger one, lives in California and she is half Mexican and quarter Asian half Jamaican.

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