Chapter 58: The Winner is....

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Chapter 58

The Winner is...

Nadia P.O.V.

As me and the girls were back stage, we hugged Carson and hugged Sydney, Casey and everyone.

As me and the girls looked at each other and we gave each group hugs.

"Remember what happens to us? If we loose Intensify Unison is still going to exist", I said as we nodded.

"Girls", Kelly said as we looked at her.

"It's time", she said as we nodded we walked with her as we stood by her side and so did Carson with Paulina.

We were standing by the sliding doors waiting till the show to come back on.

"I'm so proud of you.."Kelly said as we looked at her.

"From the very start when I saw you girls audition as solo acts, I knew you have to be in a girl group then when I saw you at bootcamp close together, I knew it was fate that you girls have to be together in a group", she said.

We smiled and hugged her.

"Going back in 5...4...3...2..."

"Hello and welcome back, right now, the votes are closed and I will about to reveal the results of the Winner of 2014, but first lets get out our Top 2 Finalist!", Mario said as the doors open as we walked down as the crowd cheered.

We walked up to Mario as we sighed and breathe in.

"Hello both of you, I know your nervous how are you feeling?", as he put the mic on Carson.

"We're okay I guess just shaky and nervous how we came from just people who wants their dream to come true to superstars on stage on national tv it's incredible", he said as we agreed.

"Okay well good luck to Carson and good luck to Intensify Unison, I will now announce the winner of the 2014 and the winner lives will change the next day with a recording contract with Sony Music and 1,000,000,000 dollar prize, so again good luck to both of you guys", he said as we held Kelly hand and our heart were beating fast.

"The winner of the X-Factor 2014 is.....", as suddenly everything slow down.

I just can't believe where I am it just felt like I was back in the cafe.

'X-Factor Audition

9 am- 3pm

Saturday, Oct 11

At the Miami Arena'

I knitted my eyebrows as I looked up and see a women.

"I think you have a chance to make it in, what's your name sweetheart?"

"Nadia Parry, nice too meet you....."

"Austin Marino I can see a future ahead of you sweet heart",

I breathe in as I looked at the crowd as more flashback appeared.

'Okay Nadia you may go up", one of the stage crew said, I nodded as I walked out and the crowd started screaming already.

I smiled as I stood at the center of the stage.

"Hello what's your name sweet heart?", Demi asked.

"My name is Nadia Parry"

I took another breath in as I looked at the girls who their head are facing down.

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