Chapter 11: Results!

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Chapter 11


Nadia P.O.V.

As my foot is tapping, I was wearing these high waisted flower shorts and a black sleeve fitted crop top as I was wearing gold and black Adidas, my hair was straighten and have a red beanie.

I forgotten to tell you, that Sydney said that I look good with a nose ring this morning, so she hire a professional jewelry gal who knows how to pierce jewelry, so I got a nose ring, it looks pretty cute.

As me and the girls were together and backstage ready to go out.

"Ready in 3...2.."

"Hello America and welcome back, right now the contestants are back stage ready to come out, and let their mentors to choose whose going through the Top 12, so ladies and gentlemen please give it up for your Top 16 Acts!", Mario said as the doors open and we all walked down together, as me and the girls held hand in hand.

The crowd were screaming when we came out and we smiled and waved to people.

"Thank you now you may go to your spots contestants" he said as we walked over to each of the side of the X stage.

One side Groups, one side Boys, one side grown ups, and one Side girls.

"Okay so let's go back to last night performance!", he sad as they turn on the screen.

As it showed all of our performance yesterday.

After it was done the camera return to Mario.

" the judges have to pick three of their own contestant to go to the Top 12, so let's get started with Demi pick the contestant that you want to go through.."

Soon after Paulina was done it was Kelly turn.

But it was a break, as me and the girls were hanging out shaking off our nerves, feeling so nervous right now.

"Going back on in 3..2..", the producer said, as we went back into our spots.

"Welcome back America, now Paulina sent home Christopher Martinez and now it's Kelly Turn to send one of her contestant to the Top 12, so Kelly who are you be willing to send through?"

"Well Mario it's been a difficult decision to see who I kept and I will get the easy one out of the way, the group I'm sending through is........Intensity Unison!", she said as we screamed and hugged each other.

"Congrats Intensity Unison! Your through to the Top 12 acts!" Mario said as we walked back and we high five each other.

We walked back to the stylist and we saw a piece of paper on my dressing room.

I read it

'Performance week theme'

'First week is Rock week'

"Rock week?", Aubrey questioned.

"Yep, Aubrey you know little but of rock do you what to sing?"

"Hmmm, Bring me Back to Life by Evanescence.."she said.

"Oh I love that song!", Bethany said.

"Okay that sounds good and maybe Aubrey would like to help me with the high notes?"

"Yeah sure", she said.

"Great! So Bring me Back to Life it is then!", I clapped my hands together.

As I went on my phone on twitter.

"@Nadia_Parry: EPPP! Intensify Unison are going through Top 12, we're going to practice hard then ever!"

As I got some retweets, so many people heard of us and are big fans of us.

I mean I was just a regular girl and this what happens, I'm getting a lot of random girl comments I met before and they said that they're number one fans of us..... So this is what you called Intensifiers??

~Hal xx

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