Chapter 54: Top 2 Finalist Results

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Chapter 54

Top 2 Finalist Results

Charlotte P.O.V.

As me and the girls gather and saw Nadia in her cute jumpsuit, I was wearing jeans and black flowy top with my white low top converse.

We hugged Carson and Josie all together as we inhale and exhale all together and pull away as we smiled at each other.

"Guys your going on in 3 mins", said one of the stage crew.

"This is it guys, one of us is leaving, and well you know the rest", Nadia said as we chuckled and hugged one last time.

As we walked up on the steps as we held hands together as we heard Mario voice from the other side with the people screaming. We took a deep breath as the doors slide open and we smiled.

We walked down the steps as the crowd screaming and we waved to them.

As I looked at the crowd and saw my family and Beau having a worried look and I have them the 'it's going to be fine'

As we caught up with Kelly, she hugged us and told us that everything will be alright.

"Alright now one act will be going home while the other two stay and start to compete to take the 1,000,000,000 dollar prize and to sign a recording contract for Sony music, so dim the lights and word get started", Mario said as the crowd cheered as we hold Kelly hands as our wart was beating, and so was my family because I can tell by their face.

"The act that will be going through the Top 2 Finalist is......."he began as our was racing faster and the crowd was cheering.

"...Intensify Unison!", he said as we yelled and jumped up and down as we squealed and cheered the crowd was screaming and cheering.

We hugged Kelly as I saw my family's have to same expression on our face.

"Congrats ladies your going through the Top 2!", Mario said as he came up to us and my hand was shaking.

"How are you girls feeling tonight that you just made it through the Finals?Charlotte how are you feeling", he asked.

"Oh my god....I-I-don't know, this is amazing thank you so much for choosing us to make it through", I said as he chuckled as me and the girls hugged again as Kelly cheered.

"Alright thank you ladies", he said as we walked off and we cheered and Kelly hugged us.

"Oh my god! We did! Yes!" We yelled as we watch the monitor to see who else is going through.

"The act that will be going home is.........Josie Cellings", as the lights pointed towards her as the crowd boohed and some awed, as we clapped for her.

"Congrats Carson your going through and Josie your going home I'm sorry", he said as she sighed and gave us a small smile.

She hugged Carson and Demi.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling okay, I mean he did a great job on his performance and there always a next time", she said as the crowd cheered.


As we hugged Josie, Carson was hugging her for along time.

"Guys I'm okay, you guys will do fine", she said as she wiped her tear.

"We will miss you", Carson said kissing her cheek.

"Thanks,I will be just in the crowd with the others", she said, as we nodded.

"Well I should go, thank you guys and have fun and good luck", she said as she walked away, as Carson sighed as I have him a look, he looked at me.

"What?", he said.

"Go get her! We know you liked her!", we said.

"But she doesn't like me in that way.."he said as we laughed, he looked at us weirdly.

"You kidding me Carson she blushed when you call her pretty and she said that she has a crush on you so..go her her!", Nadia said as he smiled and runs off.

"Josie wait!", he yelled as she stopped.

"I just want to say.."as he held her hands.

"I--I--Love you", as we squealed.


"I know it's stupid but I love you"

"Carson.."she gasped as tears rolled down.

"I love you too"

"Then will you be the pleasure to be mine", he said as she nodded and they kissed.

As me and the girls clapped and wolf whistle, they looked and blushed.

"Girls and Carson it's almost time for you to go on", said one of the stage crew.

We nodded as we walked off as the make-up artist fixed our make-up.

Here we go again.

"CARSON HURRY UP!", we yelled as he caught up, as the make-up artist also put little but powder for an odd reason.





~Hal ^•*

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