Chapter 44: Re-Union

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Chapter 44


Nadia P.O.V.

Charlotte was the quick one, as she sprinted and jumped into her families arm and Beau.

As we run to them I jumped into my brothers and my families as a tear was rolling down as my mom wiped them away.

"Sweetheart you did great and that was really beautiful", my mom said

"Thank you mom"

"Yeah good job little sis", Neko said as he punch my arm.

"Yeah, and ow.."I said rubbing my shoulder.

I felt a tap on my shoulder as I saw Harry, I smiled and hugged him, he hugged me back and whispered.

"God I miss you, you were beautiful and great out there", he said.

"Thanks and I miss you too", he smiled and I smiled back.

"I want you meet Little Mix since you haven't yet", he said as he pulled me to them and I started to shake.

"This is Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson, guys this is Nadia Parry", he said as I smiled and waved.

"No way my name is Perrie! And your last name is Parry!", she said as I chuckled.

"She on a sugar high sorry", Zayn said.

"It's okay I'm already use to one of my girls on a sugar high", I said as they laughed.

"Well is so nice to meet you and you girls were great out there that was so beautiful I cried", Jade said, as I thanked her.

"Yeah you did for a sucker", Chase said as he punched my shoulders.

" why do I feel like a punching bag?", I asked rubbing my shoulders as Lauren hugged me and Jessica too, then Jenny and Lacey.

"You girls were fantastic I literally cried", Lauren said as we laughed.

"Thanks, so nervous about tomorrow, but I'm not shaking", Bethany said.

"What you talking about girl? Your shaking your knee", Mika said as we laughed and Bethany tried to stop but didn't work.

As Carson came out passing by us shaking, we saw and we walked up to him.

"Carson why you sh-", as I didn't finish he grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me and shaking me back and forth.

"I'm nervous! I might faint! I might freeze! Tell me what do I do!", he yelled.

"First stop shaking me Cause I feel dizzy already!", I said as he stopped and I took a step back dizzy as Harry caught me, and help me back up.

"And second...", I slapped his face and It stings.

"Pull yourself together man! You will do fine you can do it, we're counting on you", I said.

"Yeah but-", then Bethany interrupted him by a slap on his face.

"Relax! You can do this! Now get up there and sing!", he nodded and run up, as we sighed.

"It's the Finals Fever, I can tell", she said as we chuckled.


After the show everyone came to the house for a little re-union, and that means we have to clean the mess up.

As the camera man was there to film some stuff, as we were in the kitchen just talking and stuff as Carson grabbed his glass and started to hit the glass with his fork.

"People people people so all the contestant, welcome back to the house that we were all cramped in", he said as we laughed, "I know it's messy from the popcorn that Charlotte threw when we're watching the Conjuring, hint don't give Charlotte popcorn when she watching a horror movie", we began to laugh as Charlotte turned red and Beau wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Actually don't let her watch a horror movie or she will yell at the tv screen for no apparent reason", as we began to laugh, "anyways my cheeks are fine from Bethany and Nadia slapping me thanks for that"

"No problem!", we yelled as we laughed.

"But, it's been a hell a lot of nerve wrecking here! When we heard we were through the Semi-Finals, all of us were hell, Bethany keeps shaking her knees and me, crying like a baby", as we began to laugh yet again.

"But it nice to see all of you to calm down cause well we've been freaking out, you should see me, I was pacing back and forth", once again we laughed.

"But now, just want to say to Jonny,Josie,Bethany,Mika,Aubrey, Nadia, and Charlotte, whatever happens, good luck tomorrow for the results and good luck in the Finals next week"

As we smiled and thanked him.

"Well it's pretty obvious whose going to be through the Finals, It will be you girls", as Bethany spit out of her drink and started to choke.

"W-W-What?", she said as I patted her back.

"Come on you touched everyone hearts tonight and I even cry to", as everyone agreed.

" never know if one of you guys will make it?", I suggested.

"True", he said.

"Anyways, Goodluck to y'all", he said as we said good luck too, and we applauded.

"...Follow me..", as I heard Harry whispered as we walked away and we looked to make sure no one see us, as we went to my room I locked the door and close the curtains. And don't think we're doing something wrong we just want some privacy and alone time.

"Finally we get some alone time", he said as he sat down next to me and I laid my head in his shoulder, as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders as we lean back on my bed.

"I love you", I whispered as I drew figures on his abs above his collar shirt.

"I love you too", he said kissing my hair and playing with it with his fingers, my hair was still curly.

"Your hair reminds me of my hair back at the X-Factor?"

"Really?", I said laying my chin in his chest looking at his face.

"Do you miss your swept curls?"

"Some times but I can't not cause my hair is too long and I can't curl it", he said as I realize it's in a little pony tail.

"Oh yeah", I chuckled.

"What?", he asked.

"You look hot when your in a pony tail", I chuckled as he smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Baby come here", he said as I straddle on top of him and put my chin on his chest In front of my face as he sat up and put a pillow to lay his head on so he can face me, he wrapped his hands around my waist.

"Your so beautiful", he said.

"And your so cheesy", he chuckled as I pecked his lips and he smiled on my lips.

"You always make my heart flutter"

"And you always make mine", he smiled as I rest my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat as he run his fingers in my hair.

This is just perfect.





~Hal ^•^

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