Chapter 25: Bethany Break

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Chapter 25

Bethany Break

Bethany P.O.V.

As I woke up in the morning from my bed. Alright today is the second day of my break, my friends has school today well it's Friday and the time for school to end doesn't ring till 1:39.

As I got up and put on my fuzzy slippers, it's pretty quiet without the girls here? And since Mika, Charlotte and Nadia are out of state, and Aubrey is far away... Don't know what to do.

As I walked down and saw my brothers in the kitchen as Lenny, my older brother, cooking, as the twins, Jack and Matt,are fighting over the remote and Drew, 6 year old younger brother, on the couch just watching them.

"Well good morning Beth", Lenny said, I yawned.

"Good morning so tired", I said as I walked over to the couch and grabbed the remote.

"Ayyee!", they whine.

"Oh shush what 15 year olds need television?", I said as I walked to the chair to the counter where there was a plate of pancakes, scramble eggs and sausage.

"Thanks Lenny", I said as I turn to the recording list and see X-Factor.

I arched my eye-brow as it was all the shows that was listed.

"You guys recorded all the shows?", I asked.

"Yeah you guys weren't too bad", Jack said.

As I put on one of the show and it was bootcamp when me and the girls got out together.

'The judges have one spot left and the judges know what to do...'

"We saw you girls like close to together and we see something that you have all together and I'm going to ask you...will you be willing to join the next round as a girl group?", Kelly said.

As we looked at each other and Nadia turn to her and said

"..yes...", Kelly cheered and yelled as we smiled as the judges said

"Congrats your through to the judges house!"

As we screamed and yelled and jump around and hug each other even though we barely know each other.

But we became close and did great on performances.

"Can we watch something else?", Jack whined, I rolled my eyes as I turn on to another channel and it was one of those gossip channels.

"Is Harry Styles back with Kendall Jenner? Or are they just 'friends' stick around after this break"

Said the women as it switch to the commercial break.

As I dropped my fork on my plate, I gulped down my food. He better not be with her cause I know Nadia loves him and they have a 'connection' it's pretty dang obvious on why they have?

"Bethany?", I looked at Lenny who waved his hand in front of my face.


"Wanna come to the groceries store with me?", he asked.

"Sure, Jack and Matt! Watch Drew! We will be right back!", I yelled as I ran up and out on sweatpants and a black hoodie, and put on my white low top converse.

As we walked to the little market down the street, it's been hard for us to keep living in our two story house since our dad left us but I don't want to think about that.

"Where mom?", I asked.

"Mom? She at the hospital working", he sighed as he knows that mom is not always home but she has a job to do to make money.

"Oh? What about you? How's work?", I asked.

"Oh work is fine", he works as tutor and reached kindergarden it pay less but will help us.

They're struggling and it breaks my heart how they're struggling, but it's a job for me to help them, by being tough and keeping it up through the competition.

As we went to the market he grabbed a basket as I passed by a poster but I stop in my tracks and walk back as I looked it.

'Please Vote for Intensify Unison!'

I was amazed how their was pictures of us and our names were written everywhere.

As I felt a presence right next to me.

"I'm guessing you love them don't you?", as I looked and see a boy that's around my age probably, he tall has short black hair that smooth back with a SnapBack that backward and has diamond earring,as his hazelnut eyes met my brown one, he was wearing an apron i'm guessing he works here.

"What? Oh these girls yeah they're pretty special", I said chuckling as I crossed my arms and lean back against the picture of me that smiling to Nadia.

"Yeah especially that girl...Bethany...she pretty cute...I wish I can meet her?"

"Really? Yeah she pretty cute, people say I look just like her", I chuckled.

"Yeah you kinda do, hi my name is Kieron Darren", he stick out his hands as I grabbed and shook it.

"Nice too meet you Kieron, I'm Bethany, Bethany Grey known as the girl in Intensify Unison"

"Oh nice to meet you Bet--your Bethany? THE Bethany?", his jaw dropped as I chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, I'm The Bethany"

"Oh my gosh it's actually you, wow now I'm embarrass on what my comment is", his cheeks turn flush red.

"Aww relax I got some comments like that from people so it's okay"

"Yeah...should you be in LA at the competition?", he asked.

"Yes, but our mentor gave us a two week break so us girls decided to be with our families"

"Wow, u-u-um I know we just met and everything but d-d-do you want to go with me to the night concert tomorrow night at the park?", he stuttered.

"Hmmm..I barely know you how do I know your not a crazy minded person that might kidnap me and use me for my fame?", I said as he gulped.

"What? No? I wouldn't do a thing like that? I would never", he stuttered as I laughed.

"I'm kidding Kieron yeah tomorrow night should be great here's my number to call me", I said as I grabbed the pen from his apron and wrote it on his arm.

"Well I got to go and help my brother it was nice meeting you", I said as I walked back to the isle and see my brother comparing two different jams, as he looked up and saw me.

"There you are what we're you doing?"

"Oh just nothing...just nothing.."as I smiled and just picked both of them and he just looked at me weirdly and just left it alone.

He doesn't know what just happen to me.





None for today

~Hal ^•^

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