Chapter 36: Surprises and Kelly!

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Chapter 36

Surprises and Kelly!

Nadia P.O.V.

As we finish recording the song in the booth Kelly told us there was a surprise for us.

As we walked out and into the van as Kelly was with us and the camera man.

"Right now Kelly told us there was a surprise for us and we don't know what it is?", Charlotte said as we stopped in front of a park and it was a little concert.

"What is this?", Mika asked.

"Hold on", she said as we walked down there were some boys and girls screaming as we walked out and they were yelling out.

'Intensify Unison we Love you?!'

"Oh my goodness", we gasped as we waved to them.

"That is your fans girls", we smiled as we followed her and we stopped by some fans and took some pictures with them.

As we reached to the back I recognize something, our families and friends and that lady...Austin are there.

"Girls your whole school and people you know came down to support you girls", we looked at her and we smiled.

"What?", we squealed.

"And they want to hear you sing?", she said as we cheered and we high fived and we hugged Kelly.

"Oh my gosh I couldn't believe this is happening", Mika said as she gave us the mics and ear pieces and we put it on.

So lucky I was wearing denim overalls with a black crop top underneath with a beanie and my all black converse.

As Kelly walked out and they all screamed.

"Hello! Thank you for the

•Seattle Ducks High School,

•Sharks Malibu High School,

•Killer Whale San Diego High School,

•Falcon New York high school and

• the Bull shark Miami High school for coming and supporting you five favorite girls!", she said as they screamed and I wiped the tears away.

"Now please scream for! Mika Toronto,Aubrey McKenna, Bethany Grey,Charlotte Worth and Nadia Parry! My favorite girl group that been ever made!"

As we walked out we waved to them.

"Oh my gosh that's my principal", Aubrey said.

"And my co-workers", Mika pointed out.

As we stopped we waved to them as the settled down.

"Thank you all for coming this means so much to us and for all the votes that you guys did and we know you guys will be our number one fans", I said as a tear toll down as they cheered.

"Now, we're going to perform our very first sing that we sang together as a girl band we're going to sing Say Something", Charlotte said as the Music began and we started to sing.


"You can Count on me", we've sung our last song we did and the crowd cheered.

"Thank you so much, we missed you guys so much", Mika said wiping the tear off.

"We love you Intensifiers!", We yelled as they screamed 'we love you too!'

As we walked down and we squealed as we hugged each other.

"You girls did great, and I'm so proud of you and I just--"Kelly said as she began to tear down we awed and hugged her.

"You girls are so wonderful together and you bring something new to the stage and everything, now come on let's go and you guys can meet with your fans", she said as we walked out and saw them as we hugged them and took pictures together.

We met with our family again and we cheered and hugged them.

Didn't know why we were screaming when we saw them we just saw them two days ago? But hey I miss my Lovin parents".


As we went back to the studio we were about to do an interview on why we love our mentor and what song we're doing for next week.

All: "hello and we're Intensify Unison again!"

Nadia: "last week was amazing and we got through the Top 6"

Now don't her confuse with last week even thought it's this week, it's suppose to be one of our intro next week ya know.

Mika: "it's been crazy week so far and we have such amazing fans"

Aubrey: "we also have an amazing mentor we wouldn't be here right now if it were from our loving mentor Kelly Rowland!"

Charlotte: "she is the best like mother we had, she make us feel okay and now we don't want to disappoint her she like the best mentor I ever met"

Bethany: "she is our inspiration for us ever since Destiny Child and she just wonderful and talented and we just love her so much"

Nadia: "this week we're singing Mickey by B-Witched, for 80s Rock"

Aubrey: I think it's a perfect choice cause Kelly picked it out for us"

All: "this is for you Kelly!", as we blew a kiss to the camera lens.

"Thank you girls", said the camera man as they turn off the camera.

"Well that is going to be a surprise for Kelly?", Aubrey said as we agreed.





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