Chapter 23: Going To that Direction Again

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Chapter 23

Going To That Direction Again

Nadia P.O.V.

As I blocked the flashing with my hand as the camera were clicking really fast making the flashes blinding my pupil.

"Nadia! Nadia!", as they screamed my name.

As they kept screaming and the girls were just there standing right beside me, I couldn't breathe I couldn't see.

As my legs felt weak as I went down and fainted.

"Nadia!", as Charlotte shook me and I fluttered my eyes open.

"Nadia it's almost time to go on stage", she said as I sat up I was laying on the couch in my outfit.

I must of fell asleep, but what the hell was that dream about, I couldn't see with all the flashes.

As I stood up and met with the girls, as I past by The Wanted and I past by Nathan Skyes and he did a cat whistle and gave me a wink.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes, they were performing, as I met up with the girls.

"There you are? Charlotte said you fell asleep?",Beth said giggling.

"Yep I was so tired", I said.

"I see Nathan Skyes giving you a weird eyes?", Mika said.

"Yeah it feels uncomfortable"

"Don't worry Harry will be there", Aubrey said as the girls chuckled.

"Hahaha, so funny", I sarcastically said.

"Alright girls you ready?", one of the stage crew asked.

"Yep!", we said, as we walked behind the sliding doors for the doors to open.

"The next Top ten act is from Kelly group.....Intensify Unison!", he yelled as the crowd cheered as the sliding doors slide open and we walked down the stairs waving to the crowd.

"Well good luck girls", he said as we walked to our group as we hugged Kelly and we held hands as the results were about to began.

"So let's start the results, now remember the votes are in no particular order, so let's get ready so dim the lights please", he said as red light appeared beneath our feet.

"The act that will be going home is......Will Barker!", he said as the crowd boohed and 'awed'.

Will nodded as he walked with Paulina, as we cheered him on that he did great and stuff.


As few people went through the top 8 and he haven't call on the last person on whose going home but he won't do that till there two people.

"Alright now the next Top 10 contestant that will be going through the Top 8 is............Intensify Unison!", we squealed and cheered as we hugged Kelly, as the crowd cheered and screaming our name.

"Congrats ladies, we will be back and next will be The Wanted be performing", as the crowed cheered as we ran back and we cheered as Kelly walked up to us and cheered.

"I'm so proud of you girls, now you have two weeks break off before the next show, and you guys can go in vacation to your families", she said.

"But when you get back you girls will meet up and do a song choice and it's best friend choice about a song with your friends and family so just let it process in your mind so anyways congrats girls", she said as we smiled and hugged her.

We walked back to our dressing room and we grabbed our bags.

"So you guys wanted to decided a song so we won't have to think about it over the week?", I asked.

"Yeah let's think about a song something that we can sing to our families our friends and to us?", Charlotte asked.

"Wait what about Count on Me?", Beth asked.

"By Bruno Mars?", I asked.

"Yep!", she said, as I think of the lyrics in my mind.

"Yeah let's do that", We agreed as we stayed around to watch The Wanted


As the show was finish we walked out to the back in the van as we see some fans screaming.

As we waved to them and we heard them as they chanted 'Intensify Unison'

As we went in the van and soon we drove off to the hotel.

Tonight is a great night since we headed to the right direction.





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