Chapter 31: Gift Exchange

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Chapter 31

Gift Exchange

Nadia P.O.V.

As I laid back, we only have two more days till the performance and I'm totally nervous, our families and friends are coming down and watch us perform.

"Hey Nadia the camera crew is here?", Jessica said peeping out her head At the door.


Kelly said that we have to do some good deeds with the other contestant and I have many things do give to Lauren, Jessica, Jenny and Lacey, then Ben, Chase,James and Ricky and also the girls.

As I went down and saw the camera people already telling them what they're doing to give the gifts as I walk down Lauren came up to me and gave me a small box.

"Aww what's this?", I asked taking it.

"It's a gift for you", she said.

"Awww thank you", as I open it and saw an gold ankle bracelet with a little elephant on it.

"Oh my gosh! Lauren you didn't have to buy it for me", I said.

"I wanted it to cause to given me advice and help me through all the judges bad opinions and tell me that I can make it through so I want to give you something for good deed"

"Aww thank you love"

"Your welcome", she said as she walked away.


Soon I gotten some gift from the girls and the boys this is what they did.

Charlotte- a Teddy bear said 'I'm so sorry' cause of my problem with Harry

Chase- cleaning my bed

Ben- New Black Adidas

Jessica- a SnapBack that said 'Party Girl'

Aubrey- organizing my suitcase

So it was my turn.

As the camera man already filmed me I smiled to the camera and said.

"Right now I got some pretty cool deeds gift from the boys and girls, so it's my turn to repay them back"

As I grabbed the gift bags for the Jessica, Lacey, Lauren and Jenny.

"Of course my girls already have too much stuff", as I knocked in their door and I heard a faint 'come in'

As I peeped my head in and see the girls playing cards.

"Girls I got presents for you", I said as I open my arms out and they gasped as they took it.

And open it.

"Awww this is soooo cute", they said as they got a snap back that said their name and said in the corner 'Sweet Perfection'

"Thanks Nadia", as they hugged me.

"Your welcome I got to go", I said as I walked out and grabbed a box and went to the boys room.

"Next is All Connected room", I knocked and James open the door.

"Come in Nadia", as I walked in and see all the his shirtless.

"Okay you guys need shirts on but whatever here is my gift to you guys!",I said holding my hands out as they took it and they open it and they gasped as they took out new Jordan's and new Adidas, they been asked for.

"Oh my gosh Nadia how did you get this?!", they said.

"Let's say I have my ways", I said.

I think Ben gift to Mika was a Disney bracelet.

I think that is cute.

"Alright next is my girls so follow me!", I said as I walked down and into the kitchen as I brought out my frozen desert, it's is vanilla with brownies on the bottom as I put whipped cream on it as I put hot fudge drizzle on it.

As I brought the tray upstairs as I walked in my room.

"Girls I got something for ya!", as they squealed and grab it and eat it.

"Oh my gosh this is so delicious", Beth said.

"Yeah Bubbie! This is so good! Thanks", Aubrey said.

"Your welcome you girls deserve it", as they hugged me.

"God! Nadia do you work at a bakery?",Mika said

"No my mom taught me how to cook and bake"

"Well your an excellent baker!",Charlotte said getting a little hyper.

"Calm down sweet heart, I don't want you to explode now"


As we all laughed all night forgetting from the bad moments and shaking our nerves off from the performance that is coming up soon.






I needed to read some fan fics so I can get a boost to think my ideas for the next chapter.

That will be my last fact since now you guys know everything about me already.

And sorry for this suckish chapter.

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