Chapter 46: Yes?

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Chapter 46


Nadia P.O.V.

As me and the girls were watching Little Mix performing Word Up.

Perrie Voice is beautiful.

After their done we were clapping as they walked down and we give them nice comments.

"Okay thank you Little Mix I will now reveal the act that will be going home, good luck to Jonny and good luck to Josie"

"The act that will be going home is......Jonny," soon the lights appeared on him as everyone boohed and Jonny sighed and gave us a small smile.

"Sorry Jonny but your going home what do you have to say to the public?"

"I want to say thank you for all the people who voted and thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Jamie and my son Joshua", he said as the people cheered.

"Alright thank you Jonny, what about you Josie?"

"Thank you to the public who voted and Jonny did really good on his performance last night and it's sad to say good bye", she said as the crowd cheered.

"Alright we will be right back as Jonny will sing a song don't go away", soon the director stopped filming as Jonny hugged Mario and Josie as they all walked back as me and Carson hugged him and telling him it will be alright.


*next day*

As usual we watch Jonny got into the van and drove off to the airport as we waved.

"Can't believe it's the three of us now", Josie said as we didn't take our eyes off the car as it turned left.

"Yeah now The Finals is coming", Charlotte said as we sighed.

"Well we have to go, we have to go to Kelly house for something", Aubrey said as we got into the van and drove off to her house.

As we walked out we both sighed and hold hands as we walked to the door and before we knocked the door Kelly open as she smiled at us and walked in to the living room as we sat down on the couch.

"Okay so I have some good news The finals will be placed on Thursday so you have Wednesday to practice", as we nodded and took a deep breath.

"And the sad part you have to learn 7 songs", we widen our eyes.

"But don't worry, one song is judges choice and I picked Hurt cause that song is strongly perfect and touches the judges and everybody else's heart but we have to find a different outfit ideas and stage crops idea, anyways on Wednesday night we put a voting for song, cause you have to sing the Top song that the audience voted and they voted for Say My Name by Destiny Child",she said as we nodded.

"So that won't be a problem since I'm here", she chuckled as we laughed.

"Then we have another one it's a fun performance something that you feel like a song that represent yourselves"

"Next, is a guest star performance, and I called this beautiful star who also represents the women out there Ellie Goulding, and she said she love to sing with you", as we got excited and smiled.

"Oh my gosh I love her", Mika said.

"Yes anyways your Final performance is your choice and you will think it over tonight", as we nodded.

"Wait Kelly is the last two is singing with the contestant?"

"Yes, and I know this is really hard to do it in 5 days, you think you his can top that?", she asked as we looked at each other and we looked at her and I said the answer that we agreed to.






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