Chapter 24: Break!

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Chapter 24


Nadia P.O.V.

As I shut my suitcase and put it down on the ground, as the door knocked I walked to the door and open it and saw Harry.

"Harry? Hi what's up?", I said as I blew off the hair piece out of my hair.

"Hi Nadia, I was wondering if you need help with your suitcase cause I heard that your going back home for your two week break?", he said.

"Yeah that will be nice the girls already left for their flight back home, so I'm kinda alone and it's kinda quiet"

"Ah, I know how ya feel, anyways let me grab this and I will help you down", he said as I thanked him and grabbed my bag as I closed the door and we walked down to the lobby.

As we reached to the lobby and the van outside as I put my suitcase in the back.

"Well thanks Harry for the help"

"No problem well I will see you in two weeks", he said as I hugged him a goodbye as I went in the van and drove off to the airport.

** Four Hours Later**

As I finally appeared in Miami Florida, as I walked out of the airport and when I walked out I see some girls there screaming.

"Nadia Parry! We love you!", they yelled as I waved and got into the van.

And drove to my neighborhood, as there was a camera man video taping us.

"Right now we're here at my hometown, the girls are probably back in their home town and i'm here in Miami for two weeks",as I looked out the window and see some signs that said

'Vote for Nadia Parry in Intensify Unison'

As there was a group picture of us at the photo-shoot.

"Oh my goodness there a poster that said 'Vote for Nadia Parry in Intensify Unison' that's pretty cool", I said as they film the poster.

As we enter our neighborhood and I reached my house as I smiled I'm here.

I'm back home!

As I run out, I reached to my front door I knocked on the door and it open as I saw Neko.

"Nadia?", he said as I smiled and spread my arms out.

"Hey I'm back for two weeks!", I yelled as he hugged me and Noah came down.

"Nadia?", he said.

"I'm back for two weeks so I have a break!", I yelled. As he came down and hugged me.

"Where's momma and Dadda?", I asked.

"Their at the store", Noah said as he patted my shoulder.


"Anyways where your other...girlfriends?", Neko said.

"Aubrey is back at her hometown in California San Diego, Bethany is in California, Malibu, Charlotte is in Seattle, and Mika is in New York", I said as I nodded, "I miss those crazy girls already"

"I can tell I mean you guys are like sisters"

"Yeah, anyways I heard you have a thing with Harry Styles?", Noah smirk as I slapped his shoulders.

"Oh shush, we're just friends, anyways I gonna tweet"

As I grabbed my phone out and tweeted on our official page

'@Intensify_Uni: kicking back in my home town Miami for two weeks break off already miss my girls :'( ~Bubbie (Nadia) ^•^'

As I looked and see the girls tweeted on this page too.


http:\\Intensify_Uni chilling here in Seattle with my bf, Beau <3 ~Char <3 <3'

As there was a picture with Beau looking at the window of her apartment, that's not bad of a good view.

'@Intensify_Uni: hey you CA intensifiers I'm back here hanging in my home of California Malibu!~ Beth xx'

'@Intensify_Uni: New York City my home town miss my family and friends :) ~Mika xx'

'@Intensify_Uni: back in California, San Diego, pretty chill here ~Aubrey :D'

As I got tagged in a photo and I open it up to see what it is, It was a cartoon picture of us girls and a real picture in the background, I screenshot it and re-tweeted it.

As the doors open and I turn and saw my parents coming in with groceries.

"Hey momma and daddy", I said as they turn and saw me.

"Nadia? Dear what you doing here?"

"Well us girls have a two break off and I'm here for two weeks!", I said as they went and hugged me.

"Well welcome back honey", my dad said patting my shoulders.

"I can't believe it your through the Top 8, you girls are doing so well", she said as I smiled and hugged her.

"Yeah, then it's the Top 6, Top 4 and then the semi finals of Top 3 then the finals for Top 2, so we're almost there"

"Well did you visit your friends?", my dad said.

"Summer and Renee? No? I thought they're in school?"

"Well look at the time sis schools out?", Noah said.

"Oh well then I'm out", as I run out and ran down the street, they live right next to each other and they're just around the block as I saw two figures just ahead of me, it's them.

"Aye! Summer! Renee!", I yelled as they turned.

"Nadia?", I heard Summer voice.

"Yo! Mama back for two weeks!", I yelled as they sprinted towards me.

"...ah crap..", as the tackled me on the lawn.

"Nadia what you doing here?", Summer said.

"I'm here for two week cause of break"

"Ah, so where your girls?",she asked.

"Ah their back in their hometown", I said.

"Wow how come you didn't call us that you were going to be here!", Renee said as she slapped my shoulders.

"Ow.. Well sorry but I just got the memo yesterday anyways well come on let's go to my place and celebrate!", I said as we cheered and run back to my house.

What a good day for a break?





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